VELIKO TARNOVO ENDURO WARRIORS TRIP (AKA weekend warriors :))), this is the best name for the trip we took this weekend. I got the tip about the enduro tracks near Veliko (Bulgaria) form Cosmin and since in our Carpathians we had bad weather forecast for this weekend, and already the snow started to pile up on the mountain, this Veliko trip sounded as a good idea, and it proved it was.

So, Cosmin booked 2 rooms in Arbanasi, 4 km away from Veliko and near the starting point of the tracks there. I arrived first, Saturday morning, only to find bad weather here too, it was raining.

That did not stooped us and done 3 of the stages. Even if it was raining, the tracks were in good conditions, not too slippery. Only the rocks were not too friendly. It seems that they have very cool rock gardens here, and when they are wet, they are not too friendly :D.

The last track that we did was the best, a narrow single track thru nice yellow autumn grass and whit 3 awesome rock gardens and at the end a speed section thru forest. Yes, was probably the best track here, but also the other 2 were awesome. Just watch the movies bellow, the one I am talking about is the third movie, first descent ;).

In the evening we got downtown to eat something at a good restaurant and to have a beer. The food here is great, almost as great as in Romania :P. The prices are similar and the portions are big. After, we stayed for another beer at the guest room.

Next day, I got up first and couldn’t wait to have a ride so I took my bike and got out and made 2 descents, same ones as yesterday. It feels so good to get out at 7 AM, ride 2 enduro stages and at 8:30 to be back for breakfast! Best #wakeupandride weekend so far!

After breakfast, me, Cosmin and Dragos went again for some rides. We ride again that cool descent, the one from the third movie and then we moved to another places for other 2 stages. This last 2 were more handmade as previous that were more natural trails. They had drops, ramps, lots of corners and they were pretty fun. One of them had a massive steep rock garden that reminded me of Metal Enduro Resita :D.

After this we got back to Arbanasi for lunch. We also found a nice tavern with great food and best view!

We recommend a 2 days trip here, with a nice room at one of the guestrooms in Arbanasi, we loved it!

Yes, you could do all 5 descents in one day, but it is more fun when you can take a beer break, or go out for a ride next day at 7 AM :D.

You have bellow some pics and movies from there to convince yourself 😀 and here are links to the rides we took: First day, morning ride, final ride. Enjoy and ride safe!



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