Lespezi peak on a bluebird day

This trip becomes a tradition, doing Lespezi peak, aka corporate Everest, each year, slowly becomes a must.

It’s interesting that each year we find out new variations to descent from this peak. This time we did some mountaineering to Podeanu ridge and then made a descent on the left side of Lespezi peach (as you look at it when you re climbing). On the way down we spotted a different approach on this descent and we are gonna leave it for next year ;).

Beside this, the usual stuf, bluebird day, a little of spring skiing but as it took us a while to reach our descent the snow got a bit frozen and some crust was in stored for us.

Overall it was a great adventure and a great day on the mountain along side a great company. Thanks guys and hope we will repeat this each year as long as our legs will hold. Enjoy and ride safe!

Also check out our previous adventure on Lespezi peak: LESPEZI PEAK SPRING SKIING, FAGARAS MOUNTAINS

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