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This is a short video edit and some pictures from this weekend, shredding the trails @ Ciocanu MTB Trails, Bughea de jos, Arges.
Beautiful sunny day, with dry lose trails. Perfect for skidding around in every corner. You can find 2 of the tracks here, and here :D. Enjoy and ride safe!

Ciocanu MTB Trails end of season ride

Last ride in many more frames,ย #ciocanumtbtrailsย at its bestย ๐Ÿค˜. Riding, crashing, laughing and having fun, This is what it’s all about, except the second word. Until next time, ride safe!ย ๐Ÿšตโ€โ™‚. Foto credit: Cristina Ionย ๐Ÿ‘

P.S. next articles and movies will include snowย โ›ท๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ˜Ž

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Ciocanu mountain bike trails late autumn ride

Ciocanu mountain bike trails late autumn ride with beautiful colors, friends, fun trails and a bit of rain. It’s all you need to have fun. We made 4 runs and on the forth one we took some pictures on the main trail. In first video you can see a second best trail :D, a nice one, wit a flow line that ends up between Bughea de Jos houses.

After the 4 runs we stayed in the village for a beer and some trail stories.

The season ain’t over yet! Ride safe!


VELIKO TARNOVO ENDURO WARRIORS TRIP (AKA weekend warriors :))), this is the best name for the trip we took this weekend. I got the tip about the enduro tracks near Veliko (Bulgaria) form Cosmin and since in our Carpathians we had bad weather forecast for this weekend, and already the snow started to pile up on the mountain, this Veliko trip sounded as a good idea, and it proved it was.

So, Cosmin booked 2 rooms in Arbanasi, 4 km away from Veliko and near the starting point of the tracks there. I arrived first, Saturday morning, only to find bad weather here too, it was raining.

That did not stooped us and done 3 of the stages. Even if it was raining, the tracks were in good conditions, not too slippery. Only the rocks were not too friendly. It seems that they have very cool rock gardens here, and when they are wet, they are not too friendly :D.

The last track that we did was the best, a narrow single track thru nice yellow autumn grass and whit 3 awesome rock gardens and at the end a speed section thru forest. Yes, was probably the best track here, but also the other 2 were awesome. Just watch the movies bellow, the one I am talking about is the third movie, first descent ;).

In the evening we got downtown to eat something at a good restaurant and to have a beer. The food here is great, almost as great as in Romania :P. The prices are similar and the portions are big. After, we stayed for another beer at the guest room.

Next day, I got up first and couldn’t wait to have a ride so I took my bike and got out and made 2 descents, same ones as yesterday. It feels so good to get out at 7 AM, ride 2 enduro stages and at 8:30 to be back for breakfast! Best #wakeupandride weekend so far!

After breakfast, me, Cosmin and Dragos went again for some rides. We ride again that cool descent, the one from the third movie and then we moved to another places for other 2 stages. This last 2 were more handmade as previous that were more natural trails. They had drops, ramps, lots of corners and they were pretty fun. One of them had a massive steep rock garden that reminded me of Metal Enduro Resita :D.

After this we got back to Arbanasi for lunch. We also found a nice tavern with great food and best view!

We recommend a 2 days trip here, with a nice room at one of the guestrooms in Arbanasi, we loved it!

Yes, you could do all 5 descents in one day, but it is more fun when you can take a beer break, or go out for a ride next day at 7 AM :D.

You have bellow some pics and movies from there to convince yourself ๐Ÿ˜€ and here are links to the rides we took: First day, morning ride, final ride.ย Enjoy and ride safe!



Last weekend we have been to Ciocanu mountain bike trails, near Campulung, Bughea de Jos, Arges county.

There, you can find some nice trails done by the local riders community. There are a sum of 4 tracks there, that average from 2 to 3 km long and with an elevation between 300m and 400m meters.

Are dirt trails, with some nice features done to them, like small drops, switchbacks and some natural roots section. Because of the altitude (starts at 800m), and that all tracks run thru forest, they are a good alternative to a bad weather day.

There is no shuttle there or cable for that matter but there is a forest road that takes you right to the starting point of the tracks.

We did a day and a night descent there. It is nice to descent a track at night. It’s like the track is totally new, like you discover it then, way more fun than the day descent. So, when you get tired of doing a trail, try to do it by night, rediscover that trail :D.

Bellow you will find movies and pics from there, and at this link, an older article that includes track and other footage. Enjoy!

Grohotis and Ciucas XC to enduro and road trip

Grohotis XC to enduro and road trip! Acesta ar fi cel mai adecvat titlu pentru tura din weekend. A fost prima tura in care am folosit toate pinioanele bicicletei mele enduro, chiar toate. Nici nu credeam ca pot sa ii dau cu 30km pe plat pe sosea :))) cui ii trebe cursiera :P.

Dupa Resita (Metal Enduro) parca vroiam o tura usoara, eventual ceva nou. Accidental am dat pe calculator peste un track din muntii Grohotis. Nici nu stiu de unde il aveam, probabil ca l-am salvat cine stie cand. Urcand trackul pe bikemap si cautand putin pe net, mi-am dat seama ca este ce trebuie, aproximativ :P. Trackul era clar de XC, o urcare din Valea Doftanei pana in apropierea varfului si apoi coborare inapoi pe un drum putin mai accidentat dar nu carare. Dupa mai multe negocieri cu colegii de tura, in speta Cosmin, am venit cu o derivatie, ceva mai hardcore a acelui track. Uite asa am ajuns sa facem 2 munti la pachet, in aceasi tura, si undeva la 90 de km cu ceva mai multa diferenta de nivel.

Planul final era sa plecam din Homoraciu, sa urcam in muntii Grohotis, sa ii traversam coborand in Bratocea de unde sa urcam in Ciucas si sa ii traversam si pe acestia pana in pasul Boncuta si apoi la final sa bagam si 20km de asfalt pana la masina. Practic incepeam cu ceva XC prin Grohotis, o dam in Enduro prin Ciucas si bagam si ceva asfalt in pluton pana la masina. Zis si facut si asa plecam noi de la masina dimineata pe la 8 in Homoraciu.

De aici se merge mult pe forestier pana aproape de creasta muntelui. Drumul este frumos si foarte putin umblat, ca doar deaia a vazut Alex 2 ursi de am rupt-o la fuga instant cand l-am vazut ca se intoarce in viteza spre noi. Am tras o spaima dar ne-am facut curaj si am continuat urland si facand ca toate cele doar doar sa se sperie ei mai tare decat eram noi deja. Dupa ce am urlat vreo 30 de minute de nu dureau gaturile, ajungem la capatul forestierului si incepe o usoara balaureala pana in creasta. Marcaj este dar se pierde rapid cum iesi din padure. In creasta dam de forestierul ce vine din Valea Doftanei si il urmam pana in Bratocea. Coborarea pe el nu este chiar plictisitoare, ai unde sa ii dai viteza si ai o multime de dropuri micute cu care te poti distra. La un moment dat devenise chiar scary din cauza vitezei :P.

Pe finalul coborarii, Cosmin reuseste sa taie cauciucul spate, exact inainte sa dam in DN1A. Stam sa il reparam si apoi ne indreptam spre celebrul pushbike din Bratocea. Daca exista ceva care ma face sa urasc pushbike-ul, pai atunci asta e. Te chinui sa impingi bicla printre niste braduleti care parca incearca sa te traga inapoi la fiecare pas….

Ajungem morti de sete si fara apa sus in culme. Stiti vorba aia, cere si ti se va da… merge, asa am facut si noi si am cerut apa la drumetii de coborau, altfel cred ca muream de sete pana la cabana :D.

Ii dam constant pe creasta pana la cabana unde ajungem la ora 5, insetati si morti de foame. Bem fiecare cate o cafea, o cola si o apa minerala si mancam ce mai avem prin ghiozdane si off we go spre pasul Boncuta. Distractia continua pe potecuta faina pana acolo, probabil cel mai fain segment al turei, dar deja cand dam in forestier se lasa intunericul si este chiar dificil sa il coboram mai ales ca este presarat cu muuulte crengi si pietre.

Intrun final ajungem la asfalt unde ne asteapta 20km de sosea pana in Homoraciu, de unde am plecat de dimineata. Se pare ca porcii astia enduro (la bicle ma refer :)))) sunt destul de polivalenti, am tras un pluton pe sosea si i-am dat o viteza prin bezna noptii … :D.

Linkul cu traseul, mai putin partea de asfalt de la final, il gasiti aici. In total, conform trackului lui Alex, ne-au iesit cam 93 km cu vreo 2700m elevatie, o gresala pe care nu o vom repeta prea curand :)))).

Va lasam mai jos filmuletul si pozele de rigoare si pana data viitoare, ride safe!