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Măcin Mountains hype

Recently we got to visit Macin mountains and their beautiful trails. Never expect less from this place. If you have a camera with you, even a phone camera, this place will turn you into an awesome photographer. Not a good rider, just an awesome photographer :))). But if you ride these trails a lot, you eventually will become a good rider to 😛

The trails are nit, beautiful and unique in their own way. You have some trails with loose over hard pack where you need to control your speed and brakes very good, you have rocky trails where you don’t want to get a flat or fall, and you have Tasmanian forest like trails … the scenery is very diverse for such a small region, but totally worth the effort. Its quite close to Bucharest (3h drive) and very close to the sea side so you can actually go for a swim after a day of riding ;). Check out Măcin hype, its true! enjoy and ride safe!

Fresh meat at Bârcaciu, and they lovin it

This year, Bârcaciu ski touring event hold place, a bit underground, among friends but it had happen. And it was a great weekend to spend on the mountain with beautiful snow, fresh lines and bluebird days. It was also the birthday of the man in charge, the one and only Sherpa from Carpati, Mihai Petre, and seems the gods favor him that we had this briliant conditions.

I feel that i’m repeating myself but this area has so much to offer in terms of mountain acces, lines, trails, tracks and anything in between (good food and good accommodation😊)

Don’t be shy, check it whenever you have the opportunity. I will not continue buzzing you with the same details, just check the pictures and movies bellow and if you want, the the past articles like Bârcaciu Skitouring VRR Edition or Făgăraș from peak to creek #barcaciu. Enjoy and ride safe!

Sketchiest day so far at Balea Lake

Sketchiest day so far at Balea Lake. I know that from the cover it doesn’t look that way, but it was. Things can change very fast on the mountain, so expect anything. We had a beautiful start of the day, with a decent descent from the ridge of the mountain to Capra lake, but then, the fog came and it stayed for diner… and breakfast next day too :))).

After that, we tried to become friends but she wont open up to us…😆 hard to make a bond when there’s no communication, you feel like talking to the walls :))). Enough with the funny talk, here are some pictures and 2 movies to judge by yourselves. Also for more riding in Balea Lake, you can check BALEA LAKE POWDER DAYS. Enjoy and ride safe!

Ciucas mountains ski touring day

This is a classic tour for us, each year we do one or tow rides in Ciucas. Why? because its accesibile, usually holds good snow despite of the windy ridge, has good slope with moderate inclination and you can have 2 or 3 decent descent in one day. I recomand a tour in Ciucas for intermediar to advance skiers and the recommendation is to check the weather and in before you go there. You can also look for a guide to take you there, its 1 day job and for sure you will find some good ones here like our friends from Massif Experience. if its heavy snow after a long dry period, better stay bellow the tree line or on mellow slopes. If not, you can try even a descent from the peak. each way you do it, check the conditions on the spot ;).

To better get a feel of the terrain there, check out some of our old articles like CIUCAS MOUNTAINS BACKCOUNTRY SKIING DAY or Ciucas skitouring reloaded.

Enjoy and ride safe!

Domogled FTW

This is another epic that you must check in Mehedint county. Is the second time we send this trail and the feedback is the same, awesome and gnarly trail with beautiful scenery, forest and technical parts. The start of the trail is epic, and you have a clear view over Baile Herculane valley but the end of it is hardcode. Some tight corners on rocky sections and loose ones makes you think twice before trying anything.

This year again I didn’t get to nail all the bits of the trail and as I grow older its hard to say if I’m ever gonna send it from top to bottom. But no worries, this is not all its about, the gang, the mountain and trail itself make it worth the effort, as always…

As usual, we never leave Mehedints county without checking Mehedinti enduro trails build and maintained by our local trail forks ambasador, Alexandru Pufan aka The_pufalot, cheers mate!

Without further ado, enjoy and ride safe!

Throwback to last year ride: Mehedinti reloaded!



One of the latest ski touring days and this season gets closer to its end. Hope to get a couple of this days down until the end of this quite shitty winter. Maybe next one will be better and I manage to ski the fat animals next year 🙄.
It was so ice that my dental fillings almost fell down 😅.
But it was nice, a good mission a beautiful adventure in these uncertain times…
Until next time, enjoy and ride safe! 👊

Bucegi mountains, Strunga descent singletrack

2 weekend back we did an awesome ride in Bucegi mountains. It’s a ride that we tried for the first time last year and we like it so much that we included in the must do rides of each year :))).

As you already know by now, or if not you will, Bucegi mountains are a small group of mountains in our Carpathian range of mountains. They are ideal for ski touring and bike trail riding but also for hiking, climbing or trail running. We prefer ski and bike, but, whatever you chose you will have the same beautiful landscape that surrounds you so check out the photos bellow.

We are trail hunters, as we like to call ourself :)), so we wanted to make 3 beautiful descent this day. We started in Sinaia, taking the cabin to 2000m altitude near Furnica peak. From there we descended to Padina on a beautiful technical trail. From Padina we have like 1h pushbike to Strunga cole from were we have a long, beautiful and fun descent to Simon village. It’s one of the most beautiful single tracks in Bucegi, a must do in each year. We will go back there in autumn, hopefully with a drone to catch more of its awesomeness :D.

From Simon we took the road to Bran and then straight to the mountains to reach Long Ridge, a trail that will take us to Busteni city, on the other part of the mountain. It’s an nice retreat with an beautiful raw single track that few know of its existence :D.

Check out the clip ant the pictures bellow to see why we use so much the words beautiful and awesome :D. For track just ask us in email, we have many tracks and we want to give you all the details. Also for more detailed videos and track check out this article from last year: STRUNGA AND MUCHIA LUNGA DESCENT 2017. Enjoy and ride safe!


Bucegi White Valley, last ski day of the season

White Valley is one of the most iconic steep valleys in Bucegi mountains and a pleasure to ski it in spring conditions. Otherwise its pretty dangerous to be here on a full power winter and better to be with someone that knows the terrain pretty well and also do all precautionary test before heading into the valley.

White valley was the first step valley that we skied and it seams the last for this winter. We started the season with it and ended with it and it was beautiful. Always a pleasure to do some back country skiing in Bucegi Mountains because they are so beautiful and they have so much to offer in terms of ski, bike, hike and many related activities. And the landscape is just superb!

We leave you with some pictures and movie about our experience on White Valley and we hope that next ski season will be as good as this one! Cheers!

Bucegi mountains backcountry skiing

Bucegi mountains backcountry skiing, Romania.

The pictures and the movie are from Sunday. After on Saturday we stayed on the slopes of Valea Dorului (Sinaia, Bucegi mountains), on Sunday we said to our self that we have to take advantage of the beautiful weather and made some touring skiing to Paduchiosu’ peak. First we climbed on Varful cu Dor peak and made a descent near Vanturis waterfall, then we climbed on Paduchiosu” peak and then back to the slopes.
It took us almost 5h, with snack breaks, pictures and all inclusive. Nice touring day.

You find the track here: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/2421291173

Regarding the snow, there ware tow little avalanches spotted, but poor snow, you can see it in the pictures. Until next time, ride safe! Enjoy!



This one is from last weekend. We went to Omu peak made the ridge of Bucegi mountains, then decent to Simon from Strunga saddle. As I said before, this is one of the most beautiful singletrack in Bucegi and Ro. From there we made another climb to Diham mountain hut and then a descend to Busteni on so called Long Ridge. We made this track before in this bike season, without the ridge, you can see that trip in this article here. We just can’t get enough of Bucegi singletracks :P.

You can find the track in garmin connect, here: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/1906008336

or look up the site for more beautiful mtb trips in RO.

Ride safe!

Bucegi enduro ride on Saua Strunga and Muchia Lunga

Daca ar fi sa prezint cuiva Romania prin ochii unui iubitor de munte si nu numai, cu siguranta i-as arata partea asta a Bucegilor. Mie personal mi se pare unul dintre cele mai frumoase locuri din tara.

Cand ajungi aici iti vine sa zici, “wow, parca as fi in Elvetia….” e uite ca nu esti, esti in Romania, care ii mai frumoasa decat Elvetia!!! pacat ca e locuita :))

Ori si cat, avem mai nene niste locuri superbe ce trebuiesc vizitate si apreciate, dar haide sa ne intoarcem la tura noastra care a implicat 3 coborari super faine :D.

Planul era sa dam o coborare pana in Padina, una pana in Simon si una pana in Busteni. Ca sa facem asta am procedat in felul urmator.

Am urcat cu cabina pana la cota 2000 de unde am dat o coborare rapida direct pe partie in Valea Soarelui. De aici am urmat marcajul dunga rosie ce o ia in dreapta de la capatul partiei si dupa ceva vreme coteste la stanga si se intersecteaza cu drumul asfaltat ce duce la Piatra Arsa.

De aici incepe cu adevarat prima coborare pana in Padina. Nu este lunga dar este destul de accidentata si tehnica. Nu are nici un fel de flow dar are farmecul ei :).

Odata ajunsi in Padina, nu zabovim mult si o luam spre Saua Strunga, iconic place pentru muntii Bucegi. Marcajul pentru hiking este de 2 ore. Pe bicla se fac ceva mai repede dar implica si ceva pushbike.

Din saua Strunga si de la refugiul cu acelasi nume, incepe cea mai cea coborare, luuuuunnnga si faina cum numai in povesti auzi. Daca la inceput este mai tehnica si bolovanoasa, pe masura ce te apropii de padure incepe sa devina mai cursiva si rapida. Pacat ca sunt cativa copaci cazuti la care trebuie sa te opresti dar in rest este chiar de nota 10! Nu ratati filmuletul de mai jos cu coborarea din sa.

Coborarea se termina in Simon unde dai si de asfalt. Noi de aici am continuat pana in Bran unde am facut o mica/mare pauza si apoi i-am dat spre Rasnov de unde am urmat un drum asfaltat care dupa cativa kilometrii se transforma in drum neasfaltat si apoi drum forestier si care ne-a purtat aproape de Dihamul Militar de unde am urmat triunghiul Galben ce duce la asa zisa Muchie Lunga. Am aflat ulterior ca este un drum forestier ce pleaca din Bran si te duce spre dihamul militar…:(. Acum ca veni vorba si avand in vedere cat am urcat pana la ea, sa stiti ca nu este chiar atat de lunga si sincer sa fiu parca nu a meritat toata urcarea din Rasnov :P. Asta e, trebuia facuta si asta si daca tot ne aflam “in zona”… Nu e lunga dar e faina, putin cam wild si neumblata, am reusit sa speriem chiar si un porc mistret care umbla undeva pe langa poteca :).

Oricum, fain mod de a incheia un traseu, si felicitari lui nenea rider mecanic chef Urzik Vlad care a luat un traseu “lejer” si la transformat intr-unul cel putin Epic. El a fost singurul care a facut tot circuitul pe bicla, fara cabluri, like real men :D. Lui i-au iesit cam 85 km cu vreo 2300m diferenta de nivel iar nou, cei care ne-am tras pe cablu pana la 2000 si care ne-am oprit in Busteni deoarece am avut getaway driver 😀 ne-au iesit cam 66km cu vreo 1500m elevatie.

Va lasam mai jos materialul foto video de rigoare, gratie lui Cosmin si Petre si sper ca v-am convins sa va faceti un drum si prin Saua Strunga sau sa va mai faceti unul :P. Linkul cu traseul il aveti aici. Pana data viitoare, enjoy and ride safe!


In urma noastra ramane o poveste, uneori nici macar atat…

In urma noastra ramane o poveste, uneori nici macar atat… mesaj citit pe luneta unei masni, o masina speciala… Putin cam dramatic totusi ca si titlu de postare, dar m-a miscat putin…

Weekendul trecut, sau mai bine zis weekendurile trecute, am reusit sa facem o tura/ture prin Bucegi. Oarecum mult asteptata caci de la cursul cu Adventureguide, nu am reusit sa ne mai punem schiurile in picioare la marsaluit prin munti. Am tot schiat pe partie si pe langa dar nicicum nu am mai ajuns la un ski de tura.

Desi zapada este cam putina prin creste,  ne-am propus totusi o tura in Bucegi, cu plecare si intoarcere la Padina unde am si lasat masina. Obiectivul era sa urcam pe valea Sugarilor, sa ajungem pe Omu si apoi sa coboram pe valea Obarsiei. Vemea chiar a tinut cu noi caci am avut parte de soare si nici un pic de vant, doar cateva adieri.

Traseul prin cele 2 vai este frumos, daca nu chiar superb. Peisajele sunt spectaculoase si variantele de schiat sunt chiar multe. Zapada este indeajuns pe ambele vai si nu prea ai de ce sa iti dai schiurile jos. Daca esti dibaci, faci integal pe schiuri traseul. Te ajuta totusi niste crampoane de schiuri daca ai caci din cauza soarelui care a tot batut si a vantului si temperaturilor scazute, s-a format pe alocuri fie crusta fie gheata si sunt cateva portiuni destul de dificil de abordat alfel pe schiuri si crampoanele ar rezolva situatia. Eu unul am dat o tranta incercand sa urc pe schiuri Cerdacul. Pana la urma l-am urcat dar cu un ocol mai mare, in timp ce Bubulu cu care ne-am intalnit pe Cerdac, urca ca tancul rusesc ca de, a venit pregatit cu ce trebuie. Cine stie, cunoaste ;).

Acum ca stau sa ma gandesc, degeaba ne plangem de zapada. Chiar e, si daca ii mai da o ninsoare sigur avem pana in Aprilie-Mai. Si vremea insorita dar cu temperaturi scazute chiar ne-a oferit destul ragaz ca sa ne bucuram cum trebuie si sa ne rasfatam cu ture faine. Sa nu uitam totusi ca suntem in toi de iarna si avem vreme care sa ne permita sa ne bucuram de zapada.

Fata de anul trecut se schiaza mai bine pe partii, exceptie facand Sinaia. Prin padure este destula zapada si sigur o sa tina pana tarziu in primavara. Cum am spus, daca mai da o ninsoare, ne asigura si firnul de primavara :D.

Legat de zona asta a Bucegilor, odata cu tura asta, o gasesc din ce in ce mai atractiva, caci are de toate. Are si caldari largi ce iti ofera multe variante, are si vaiugi inguste si lungi, are si peisaje superbe si are si km destui cat sa iti ocupe toata ziua si este si mult mai sigura ca alte zone. Sigur o sa tot revenim pentru ca din cate am inteles, sunt variante si variante de abordat. De asemenea te scoate relativ rapid in zona Omu si te poti intoarce linistit la Padina unde ai lasat masina, fara sa depinzi de vreo cabina sau de lumina. Te poti intoarce pe oricare din vai si la lumina frontalei ;).

Va lasam mai jos cateva poze si secvente de pe traseu iar locurile prin care ne-am dat le gasiti la aceste linkuri: Link 1, Link 2. Enjoy and ride safe!

Valea Cerbului pe doua roti :D

Era pe planificarea de anul asta, si weekendul ce tocmai a trecut, i-a venit vremea :D. Am incercat Valea Cerbului din Bucegi si putem spune ca am supravietuit… pana si bicla e recunoscatoare ca a scapat intreaga :))).

Dar hai sa revenim la inceputul zilei cand iesit din casa era sa calc intr-un rahat de pisica fix la mine pe pres. Mirat, m-am uitat sa vad daca Dizi, pisica proprietate personala :P, era inca prin casa. Il vad cuminte in sufragerie. Ma mai uit la rahatul de pe pres mirat…. ies, inchid usa si cand sa cobor dau peste o pisica. Imi aduc aminte ca vecina de la 2 si-a pierdut pisica. O prind, ma duc la anuntul lipit pe usa din spate, iau numarul si sun. Dupa 10 minute coboara si vecina. Ii zic in fuga “CU PLACERE!” inainte sa imi si multumeasca si dau sa fug la gara ca am un tren de prins. Ajung cu 10 minute inainte, unde ma intalnesc cu restul grupului, Andrei, Vlad si Eugen. Pe tren discutii despre CFR, calcule si realizarea faptului ca nu este asa avantajos sa mergi cu trenul. Ne-ar costa toata treaba cu CFR-ul in jur de 100 RON de caciula, in conditiile in care daca ne combinam la o masina cred ca puneam maxim 25 lei de fiecare …

Desi nu aveau locuri pentru toate biclele, nasul ne zice ca ne taxeaza si extra… de ce?! pentru ca ne luam bilet de bicla din treb… fuck offf! ma-ta de CFR!

Imediat dupa ce imi zice, opreste si trenul in statie si vad biclele cum incep sa se darame prin vagon ca piese de domino. Imi venea sa il si injur…

In fine, ajungem in Sinaia, oprim la mega sa mai luam cate ceva, ne consultam cu Ionut care era pe drum dinspre Moroieni si apoi ne indreptam spre cabina. Ii lasam pe Vlad si pe Eugen la cabina si eu cu Andrei ii dam la pedale spre cota 1400 deoarece Ionut era oricum in usoara intarziere. Pe urcare Andrei se duce glont si raman in urma asa ca iau rapid decizia sa ma bag la gondola si daca ajung prea rapid sa dau si o coborare pe unul din traseele amenajate. Odata ajuns sus pun genunchierele si trag un fairy trail de toata frumusetea. Parca e mai fain cand e terminat si uscat :D. Ma urc la fix iara in gondola ca Andrei tocmai ce ajunsese la 1400. Il recuperez din drum si luam gondola pana la 2000 unde ne astepta deja restul grupului. Ne facem curaj si ii dam la vale de pe Furnica pe coborarea super abrupta, marcaj dunga galbena parca. De aici ii dam inainte spre piatra arsa, babele si apoi vf Omu. Nimic de povestit ci doar aglomeratie mare si… gunoaie multe. M-a surprins o imagine, cand am ajuns la piatra arsa era plin de masini. O familie numeroasa de bipezi nevertrebrati stateau la masa pe o stanca. In jurul lor era plin de gunoaie dar nu ii deranja, erau in natura, aer curat, munte, 1 tona de gunoaie si 50 de masini pe 100m patrati. Si ii mai si auzeai zicand “Oooo da ce frumos eeee, ce aer curat….” sta-v-ar parizerul in gat…

… ajunsi la Omu, lafel de aglomerat, dar mai putini bipedus nevertebratus… ca de, se triaza putin lantul trofic pana la 2500m… dar nu de tot :(, bem un ceai, mancam ce avem prin rucsaci si stam de vorba sa vedem ce facem mai departe. Eu unul vreu sa incerc Valea Cerbului si ceilalti stau in dubii daca au timp sa faca potcoava Bucegilor pe drumul Granicerului, sa coboare in Simon din saua Strunga si sa prinda trenul de 18:50 din Brasov. La un mic calcul, ar fi cam la limita. Dupa o lunga discutie grupul hotaraste sa se intoarca pe unde am venit iar eu sa cobor pe Valea Cerbului. Zis si facut, ma echipez ceva mai zdravan, ne luam la revedere si ii dam fiecare la vale cum poate. Ce pot spune despre Valea Cerbului este ca… am supravietuit :))). Glumesc putin dar intradevar a fost cam greu si as incadra-o in seria ambtitii prostesti :P. este cam 85-90% ciclabila ca si distanta. Mi-a luat 2 ore sa ajung de pe varf pana in Busteni la Gara. Totusi, cei 15% nu-s chiar asa usori de facut cu bicla in carca sau tragand de ea iar cei 85% au destule portiuni grele. Recomand echipament de protectie si casca fullface. Asta din urma nu am avut-o si parca am avut o retinere din cauza asta caci ai portiuni unde esti la limita, cu haul intr-o parte sau coborari abrupte unde poti cadea in cap oricand daca nu te tii bine sau nu ai cat de cat experienta. De asemenea, recomand sa se faca intr-un grup de minim 2, nu ca idiotul de fata :(.

Oricum, o experienta nu pot sa zic unica ca au mai fost, dar cu un grad ridicat de dificultate. Credeam ca traseul Ribcev Laz din Slovenia a fost greu dar asta se bate cot la cot cu el. Partea de sus de pe varf pana la stana din vale si inca putin dupa este ok ciclabila aproape complet. Apoi urmeaza o portiune in care tragi de bicla si te dai pe ea in egala masura. Inainte de intrarea in padure iara te dai destu de mult pe bicla. Dupa, iara urmeaza o portiune de carat de bicla prin niste locuri ba inguste ba abrupte. Dupa urmeaza iara portiune de dat pe bicla si dupa ce treci de poiana costilei te tot dai pe ea. Mai urmeaza parca o portiune nasoala de pushbike si apoi o super coborare pana in Busteni la caminul Alpin si apoi… ura si la gara :D.

Va lasam mai jos materialul foto-video de rigoare. A, si era sa uit, Multam Laurentiu Baidan pentru liftoff-ul din Busteni, ce ma fac eu fara tine :D, dau o lada de bere rece la Isverna!!! Enjoy!