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This year is the first edition of Mehedinti enduro, courtesy of Alexandru Pufan aka The Pufalot who has worked his ass of for us to have an awesome contest on 12 of May here in Topolnitei Valley, Mehedinti county.

Yep, this guy has shaped some awesome trails here and took the time to show us around. Is the second time coming here and we had the same feeling, being amazed of what this place has to offer.

The contest itself has around 27.5 km with and elevation of 1350m and 5 downhill stages varying between 1 and 2 km long. Here’s a description of them made by The Pufalot, on which we agree 👊.

The 5 specials from Enduro’s first Mehedinti edition are located on the Topolnita Valley, a diverse geographically area, making the trails quite different from each other.

The first trail, La Muerte Peluda, is the most rocky and the longest (and the most difficult to reach, with a transfer of nearly 7km), with several exposed and inadequate areas. Completely natural, this is in fact an old touristic trail brought back to life on the occasion of the contest.

On the other hand, the second special PS2, Imaginationland, will be the shortest but most interesting. It will pass through the ruins of a fortress and will descend along a natural carousel, so that in the end it will pass through a rocky and open area.

The following two PS3 and PS4 have the same starting point, being constructed from scratch over the past 3 years. Much easier from a technical point of view, they will probably please those who prefer more of a bike park type of trail with lots of berms and jumps.

PS3, Stevie Niks will actually be a berm skill test for the riders, having a dozen of berms, while the next one, PS4, Blame Canada, will show us who is best in the air, building the biggest gap in the competition. And yes, this guy’s a South Park die hard fan 🤣🤟.

The last trail, Taming Strange, completed this month, is actually a combination of everything we’ve ever met. Technical areas alternate with flow paths, including very tight switchbacks, straight-forward portions, drops and gaps, on unforeseeable terrain 😳.

Hope this words made you an image of what to expect, and if not check up this edit that we made form our first day of riding here.

Second day we took a short trip to Herculane baths to check up some sick exposed trails that we will be uploading soon on youtube. Beside this we will upload all 5 contest trails in the next days so stay tuned on VRR youtube channel 🤙.

Also, you can find the complete map of the contest here: MEHEDINTI ENDURO ON TRAILFORKS! 🚵‍♂

Yes, it was a sick weekend and all we have to say is that we can hardly wait for the contest and also to come back here to check out more trails. For sure in automn we plan another trip here, there are so much more trails to be ridden.

This guy is actually shaping the south of this country! Cheers mate! 🍻

P.S.: Remember 12 mai 2019 – Valea Topolnitei.  Photo credits: Alexandru Pufan.

You can also check out this article about Mehedinti county: MEHEDINTI FTW


Metal Enduro 2018, in our opinion the best enduro contest in RO, and, this year, EWS qualifier!

Its fun, its hard, its long and the trails are just sick! 😍 I personally didn’t finish after a crash in the first day but things turned out ok because I had time to take pictures and film some segments in the second day, just enough to put this edit together.

For those who don’t know yet, Metal enduro its an enduro contest in our notional enduro cup, hold in Resita city, old industrial city with big old factories in steel industry and metal processing…. get it… metal enduro…🤘

The contest takes place over 2 days and 8 specials that run between 1.5km and 2.8 km and around 300m elevation and all single track.

If you haven’t ridden Metal enduro trails yet, you must! and in this period, the landscapes are just beautiful.

No more words, if you want to find out more please check the page of the event or our last article form last year when we put out some more words. Thanks to Bike Attack Resita for organizing this awesome contest! and Straja Enduro too so stay tuned! 😉

We leave you this edit to better get the felling of the contest and some pics 😉 Enjoy! 🚵‍♂⛰🎥📷🤙👊


This year we took part of Harghita Enduro, the seccond stage of Romanian Enduro Cup.

Man what trails they have! tehnical, natural segments, steep, hard! Combine this with some english weather and you get an up grade weekend race :))).

The contest has only 3 specials but they are quite something. In my opinion this is how enduro looks like. I hope in the future another special will appear here but for now we can be glad we have this ones.

The contest is held in Harghita Madaras, mountain group of Transylvanian Carpathians belonging to the Eastern Carpathian Mountain Range. The highest peak is Harghita Madaras Peak, with 1,800 m (source wikipedia).

These mountains are beautiful and wild, if you wander alone on this trails, you have lots of chances to run into a bear or a wolf so be careful 🐶🐺🦄. Or into an awesome single track for that matter :))).

For accommodation you can chose Sugo Pension because is very clean and cozy and has great food! We enjoyed staying here a lot!

Also once here, you must take a hike or a bike up to Madarasi peak, the sacred mountain ;0, the peak it’self is one of the most beautiful ones in RO and the view is breathtaking because you are right in the middle of our Carpathians :D. Here’s an album to show you just how beautiful it is on the peak and trails 😉

But, mainly if you are into enduro, you must come ride here, even in contest weekend. Here you find the track of the 3 specials and bellow we leave you some pics and a movie to get you fired up! Enjoy! 🤘🚵‍♂⛰


Foto credit: Mihai Lupsan

Metal Enduro Resita is the final stage of romanian National Enduro Chanpionship #CNE, and probably the coolest one, but don’t take my opinion for a fact because is the second and the same enduro contest that I took part :D.

As I see it, the stages from our #CNE (national enduro championship) are starting to look more like the stages from enduro contests in western Europe with 8 specials and 2 days of competing and awsome trails. Who wold not want more, more trails, more fun, more riding!

Metal Enduro is held in Resita city in SW part of Romania. It is an old  and industrial city that has his charm because of it. At one time it was consider to be one of the biggest industrial centers of Romania with big factories in steel industry and metal processing (Combinatul Siderurgic Reșița) and in motor and train factory (Uzina Constructoare de Mașini Reșița).

That is why, this stage is called Metal Enduro, and the name suits it well.

As I said, this is the first year that metal Enduro has 8 stages and 2 days. There are lots of trails here that are build and maintained by the rider community in Resita, that we are grateful to.

All trails are hand maintained and well build, they are narrow, dirt singletracks that have cool elements like switchbacks, drops, ramps and the best rockgardens ever :D.

All singletracks run from the top of the hills that surround the city thru a beautiful mapel forest and get down near city center where you can stop and have a beer after a nice flowy descent.

There are no chairlifts here, but the scenery is so beautiful and all singletracks have forest roads access that takes you to the top all the way on your bike from where you can brrraaaapppp your way down to beer :D.

The contest in the last 2 years was held in the middle of October, with stable weather and good riding conditions. When it hasn’t rained for over 2 weeks, the tracks are lose, and you can skid your way down easily but be careful.

If it has rained recently the tracks seem to become more grippy and you can ride faster.

All trails are shared between riders, trail runners or hikers. Here in Romania we do not have any grudges sharing the trail, just look up ahead on the trail, slow down if you see hikers, salute them and move on. The trails are not crowded, and there are lots of trails so you will have an nice continues descent.

This time I took one day off from work and reach Resita on Frayday. I managed to ride 5 of the specials then and I was as fit as I could be for the contest, to bad I had a cold that was fed by these 3 days of riding :). The thing is that, when you’re having fun and ride such nice singletracks you kind off forget about the cold and keep on riding. It’s not the smartest thing to do but who wants to miss 3 days of riding :))).

For me was 13th place in hobby category. This contest comes also as a confirmation of my riding skills and level and I get to ride some of the best trails along some of the best riders in RO so it’s an win, win situation for me :D. For contest I teamed up with the guys form BikePoint team, best team ever. They are the guys that organised BAISOARA ENDURO, another stage, and they ware the most fun team to ride along. I had a blast riding with them and lots of fun while transferring from one PS to another! Cheers guys and hope to team up again next year!

For now I can say that for sure I will be attending Metal Enduro next year to, and hopefully at least 2 other stages form #CNE.

Here are the track for the 2 days of contest: DAY 1 METAL ENDURO 2017 (25km with 1200m elev) , DAY 2 METAL ENDURO 2017 (35km with 1400m elev). You also have 2 pics bellow where you can see the tracks and the transfers on the map.

You can find more informations on event page here www.metal-enduro.ro.

Also you have pics from contest and 8 clips with all stages so enjoy and until next time, ride safe!



Anul acesta Ciucas Enduro are 4 speciale, spre deosebire de anii trecuti, si sunt sigur ca pe viitor acestea vor mai suferi si alte modificari :D. Este ciudat ca scriu un articol despre traseele de la un concurs la care nu am participat niciodata, si, nici anul asta nu am sa particip :)), lol.

Singurul concurs de Enduro la care am participat a fost cel de anul trecut de la Resita, metal Enduro, si as putea spune ca este singurul cu care il pot compara, dar, ne-am dat pe atatea trasee si coborari de tip enduro si cred ca ne putem da putin cu presupusul chiar daca nu vom participa :).

Traseele dupa parerea mea is faine rau, sunt exact genul de trasee care mie imi pac cel mai mult, in care pleci din zona alpina si sfarsesti in padure.

Ca si caracteristici pentru Ciucas Enduro cred ca ar fi diferenta de nivel acoperita, traseele fiind destul de abrupte si dificultatea catorva sectiuni mai ales cele care pleaca din zona alpina.

Cele mai grele mi se par PS2 si PS3, nu in totalitate dar sectiuni din acestea.

Astfel, avem un PS1 destul de scurt, probabil cea mai scurta proba dintre toate dar cu un final fain. Este singura proba unde partea finala este mai dificila decat partea de inceput. La finalul acesteia dai de o contrapanta, o rampa si cateva curbe stranse cat sa te surprinda si sa iti faca o incalzire ca la carte pentru ceea ce urmeaza.

Odata ajunsi la PS2, dupa un pushbike serios :D, treburile se complica putin. PS2 de cum intra in padure are o serie de curbe stranse, cam toate offcamber. Mie mi-a placut mult chiar daca am dat o tranta pe acolo. Si acesta este scrut, dar nu lafel ca PS1.

Dupa PS2 urmeaza iara un pushbike inapoi in creasta si nu dupa mult timp ajungi la PS3 care pleaca din zona numita La Tigai unde traseul de creasta se bifurca sau mai bine zis se furcheaza :))) pentru a se duce fie pe varf fie la cabana Ciucas fie spre Babarunca.

Traseul coboara spre cabana Babarunca. Partea de inceput de la PS3, pana cand se intra calumea in padure, dupa parerea mea este cea mai dificila. Sunt vreo 2 stanci ce au potential sa iti puna probleme, la inceputul traseului. Eu era sa mi-o fur la prima deoarece am intrat cam tare fara sa stiu ce linie sa iau si am iesit cu rotile putin cam la limita aderentei :). Apoi va urma o sectiune abrupta pe niste bolovani destul de seriosi iar intre bolovani vei avea pietre razlete care nu prezinta vreun fel de aderenta. Daca supravietuiesti acestei portiuni deja ai trecut greul probei si zic eu greul concursului, dar asta nu inseamna ca trebuies a te relaxezi.

PS4 vine in continuarea lui PS3. Ultima proba este cea mai de viteza, doar la final are ceva curbe si o portiune unde tre sa ai putina grija la cioturile copacilor taiati. Totusi, e si cea mai fun proba.

Cam asta ar fi scurta descriere a traseelor asa ca va lasam mai jos un filmulet artistic, facut in singurul moment de plictiseala de pe traseu :))) pe care va rog sa il vizionati si sa ne spuneti daca avem vreun pic de talent :D, apoi cate un filmulet cu fiecare proba speciala (PS), si cateva poze. Linkul cu traseul il gasiti aici. Enjoy and ride safe in weekend! Bafta!

P.S. inca un mic detaliu, sper sa nu ploua caci atunci e groasa treaba :))


Metal Enduro Resita 2016

Metal Enduro Resita 2016, primul concurs de enduro la care am luat parte… si virusul s-a instalat :P.

Am ajuns in weekend si in Resita sa participam si noi pt prima data la un concurs de Enduro si putem spune ca nu am regretat deloc caci am dat acolo peste cele mai faine trasee, fara nici o exagerare.

Concursul se desfasoara in principal intr-un format  tip raliu cu 4 probe speciale cronometrate, pe poteci care coboara dar care au si mici zone de plat sau urcus. Acest concurs este deja unul cu traditie fiind primul de acest gen si ajungand deja la a 4-a editie. Este ultima proba din campionatul national de enduro CNE. Mai jos va lasam descrierea oficiala a evenimentului asa cum este ea postata pe siteul www.metal-enduro.ro.

“METAL Enduro are loc pe cele 4 probe speciale deja consacrate care anul acesta au primit si nume inspirate de cei care le-au parcurs de-a lungul timpului: PS1 – Fluturelu, PS2 – Cioara’, PS3 – Canada si PS4 – Poezie. Cele 4 probe speciale “au crescut” prin modificarile aduse si la aceasta editie s-au facut modificari in anumite zone pentru a ridica nivelul tehnic dar si pentru ca s-a tinut cont de sugetiile participantilor de la editiile precedente.
Exista si etape de legatura intre probele speciale, care au un timp maxim de parcurgere, dar acesta este unul relaxat (care le permite participantilor sa se mai detaseze de competitie sau sa socializeze in timp ce le parcurg). Traseul de concurs este in zona centrul Resitei pe dealurile din jurul acestuia, Poiana Golului si Dealul Ciorii.
Este un concurs tip Enduro, iar traseele de acest fel nu sunt recomandate incepatorilor sau ciclistilor neantrenati. Potecile pe care se desfasoara probele speciale au mai multe sectiuni de nivel tehnic ridicat.
Cele 4 probe speciale au distante intre 1,5 km si 3 km iar distanta totala, cu tot cu sectiunile de legatura, este de aprox. 37 km.


Desi am facut peste 7 ore pana la Resita am ajuns sambata dupamasa in parcare la LIDL ca sa vedem o droaie de biciclete si bicicliste care se tot invarteau intre cele 4 probe speciale. Ne echipam si noi usor si incepem sa intrebam in stanga si in dreapta ca sa aflam pe unde is probele si sa incercam si noi sa ajungem sa le facem macar odata. Frigul lasat peste tara nu ne ajuta prea mult si temperatura nu cred ca depasea 10 grade. Cu greu, pana la finalul zilei ajungem sa fecem cele 4 speciale, ultima fiid bine la vreme de seara de ar fi mers o luminita pe coborare. Oricum, am inteles repede despre ce este vorba si ce se vede inainte in poze nu este chiar peste ce dai acolo. Traseele asa cum am mai spus sunt foarte faine dar asa cum spun si ei pe site, au destule zone tehnice de iti ridica adrenalina nu gluma. Baietii au facut destule kickere  si rampe pe toate traseele si ai unde sa te distrezi, obligat fortat :D.

Si modul in care au pus probele are oarecum sens.

PS1, fluturelu’, este cel mai usor avand o singura zona abrupta cu 2 rute si apoi o zona lunga de pedalat terminandu-se cu o zona plina de bolovani ce trebuie abordata nu cu grija ci cu cap :). Este scurta si numai buna de incalzire.

PS2, cioara, seamana cu PS4, deoarece nu prea are zone cu pietre, are ceva mai mult flow, se termina pe aceasi portiune ca PS4, are 2-3 rampe naturale din care a 3-a chiar maricica + o zona zdravana de pedalat pe la jumatate unde poti castiga destul timp daca te tine inima si plamanii. De asemenea este o speciala scurta si pica numai bine dupa PS1.

PS3, canada, pleaca tot din aceasi zona cu PS1, putin mai sus, si am putea spune ca este un PS1 la superlativ. Cum incepi vei avea o coborare abrupta si un drop mic peste care trebuie sa lasi bicla sa curga neaparat. Are si ruta ocolitoare dar chiar merita sa o incerci. Apoi urmeaza o combinatie de pietre, radacini, singletrail, un halfpipe intr-un canal unde daca vii cu viteza sari destul de mult (atentie cum intrii in el caci nu e bine sa ai prea mare viteza!) iar la final mama rockgardenurilor. Din poze chiar nu titi dai seama ce e acolo :))). Finalul este acelasi ca la PS1.

PS4, poezia, este probabil cea mai faina speciala. Este similara cu PS2 dar are mai multe rampe, mai mari, si mai mult flow. Poti prinde super viteza si daca sti cum, o poti folosi in avantajul tau, daca nu, te vei trezi franand inainte de curbe sau zone care au contrapante. Asta trebuie data de mai multe ori inainte ca sa intelegi cum poti lucra cu ea, afirmatie valabila si pentru PS3.

Spre deosebire de anii trecuti, din cate am inteles, PS4 se termina fix la zona initiala de start, in oras si inainte ai parte de o coborare pe strazi, scari si printr-un pasaj pietonal, lucru chiar fain si posibil, din cate am inteles, datorita noului primar care a fost mai deschis spre sugestiile organizatorilor… traiasca dom’ Primar!

Cam asta ar fi descrierea noastra asupra traseelor. Organizarea a fost super faina, exact ce trebuie, vii, te distrezi, socializezi si te dati, fara batai de cap.

Ca vii sa concurezi, ca vii doar sa te dai, trebuie sa vii caci asa cum am spus, traseele sunt printre cele mai faine pe care ne-am dat si un concurs de genul asta chiar iti da un boost la skilluri :).

Participantii la concurs am fost eu si Cosmin iar Bogdan si Elena au venit sa ne sustina :D. Bogdan, cat noi am participat la concurs, a dat o tura de recunoastere prin Parcul National Semenic si ne confirma faptul ca este foarte superb pe acolo. L-am cules din drum la plecare, din Garana, unde ne-am si oprit sa mancam ceva la un local foarte fain unde se tine si festivalul de jazz de la Garana, hanul La Rascruce, mancare foarte buna!

Mai jos va lasam cate un filmulet cu fiecare proba speciala precum si poze culese de pe pagina evenimentului. Enjoy & scuzati unele injuraturi de se regasesc prin filmulete :)!