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Last weekend we managed to reach Barcaciu mountain hut in Fagaras Mountains. It has become  tradition to go ski touring here each winter. Barcaciu is holding an event, each year around this time, event aimed to promote the ski touring possibilities in this area of Fagaras Mountains. We could not be present at the event so we decided to go 1 week earlier and make our own limited edition of Barcaciu Ski Touring, Barryvox Edition 🤪👊🍻.

It was a full weekend and did almost everything that we wanted in terms of ski touring. This winter really delivered big time. We had some top score powder and some good weather with no wind. A little problem with visibility on Sunday but we managed anyway. Because of the grate amount of snow this year, the couloirs are very generous, larger then before and you can descent greater. But all this comes with a risk and you have to be cautious and know your way around the area. We did some cool descents in powder and on Sunday we played a little with some equipment from Mammut that Mihai had for testing and presentation. Cool stuff, light but reliable equipment as I have seen so far.

After making a snow profile and fool around with an avalanche backpack, we did a classic descent in Puha Valley.

Overall it was, as I said, a full weekend and we now have some fresh memories of Barcaciu to last us a while.

As one said to me, you never regret going, so, go explore! Ride safe!

Best trail in Iezer mountains

Best trail in Iezer mountains, this is it! no doubt about it!

You have to work a bit to reach it but when you start you’re descent, the view, the trail itself, the flow makes it perfect. We did this trail twice this year, first in the rain and next in a sunny late October day and we have the same amount of fun in both conditions 🤩. So, no mater the weather, this trail will be perfect. Just remember on the 3-4 h uphill that the best descent awaits you and you will not feel tired. Check out the other ride in the rain here, video included 🤙.

We leave you some nice footage bellow. Last pictures are from Ciocanu MTB trails where we took a ride next day. Enjoy! 🚵‍♂⛰👊


So we took a last trip to Veliko Tarnovo to attend to the Halloween ride, curtsy of Old mountain Epic. It was all Nedko’s idea and this I think is the third edition of the event.

The ride itself its a night ride on one of the tracks, witch is a very fun thing to do, especially if you have some powerful lights to scare of the creatures of the night that Nedko summons up for the event 😂😂.

But for us was just a pretext to go ride Veliko Tarovo trails and to see the crew from Veliko again, always a pleasure to go shred with this guys. I think next year we will plan some more trips to better discover Bulgaria. Not that we ridden all we could in Romania, but they are similar and we just want to ride more and more and more 😅.

The event was fun and as I said, the night ride its something that each of us must do at least once. I’m starting to like it more and more.

The trails ware harder because of the leaves and the loose terrain but we had fun anyway, just check out the clip :D.

For more details about Veliko or Bulgaria rides you could check out Old Mountain Epic Page or some of our other articles: Veliko Tarnovo and Sopot Ride, Veliko Tarnovo Enduro Warriors trip.

We leave you some pictures and a movie bellow and don’t forget, Old Mountain Epic Halloween ride @ Veliko Tarnovo! Enjoy!

Cindrel mountains bikepacking trip

This is an old one, but quite a beautiful one, one of the best bike packing adventure we had this year. Yeah, we could had some less rain, but who are we to complain?! we had an good night sleep in dry cloths… heck we even found slippers in the hut, and we had some good drink to ease our sorrow! This is how trail riding, hunting and enjoying looks like!

These are Cindrel mountains, some beautiful, mellow and sometimes unwelcoming mountains in Romania. For sure we will redo this one just as we planed it, hut included because its just superb right there in the middle of the forest! With some good luck, we will skip the raining days.

The plan was to do a bigger ride and explore the west part of the mountain. But, because of the rain that started sooner then expected, we had to cut short the first day and reach the hut earlier. We ware soaking wet when we reached it. The only luck in that day was the fireplace that we found in the hut where we could dry our clothes… aaaa and the slippers. We had a good night sleep and in the morning a beautiful day awaited… or better said half a day.

We did some serious pushbike back on to the ridge of the mountain and straight on to Cindrel peak. After this we hold the ridge to Frumoasa peak, and then take the rocky road to Canaia Refuge. The single track down to the refuge was beautiful! Just when we reached the refuge, the rain started again. And what a rain, it was poring like crazy. After a while we just didn’t care anymore and started riding in the rain. It was a cold rain, our hands and feet ware freezing. I think I almost prayed for the rain to stop :D. But it didn’t matter we didn’t had an inch of dry clothes on us anymore… the rain didn’t stop until we reached the car, but after a while we blend in. It was raining so much that all the mud was whipped. The stones ware grippy then before and I for one could ride with full thrust and ease. Until we reached our car, we had some good segments of beautiful single track. There was a portion of the trail that looked more like a pool then a trail. It was a flat surface of water on top of some gnarly rooks hidden underneath :))).

Beautiful, brilliant but we didn’t deserve so much rain. Hope next year we will have quite some contrast here, but we shell see.

We leave you some pics and and some movies to better understand our complains. Second movie is all about the rain :))). Beautiful memories, here’s the tracks: DAY 1, DAY 2. Cheers!

My hardcore hardtail is fantastic, NS BIKES Eccentric CROMO

This year was new bike year. After riding a pump track on a hard tail of a friend of mine, in my head the idea of owning a hard tail was implemented. So this is how the conceiving of Cromo starts.

This bike is made half with second hand parts, half with new parts. After some time and lots of lets say planning, the bike took shape and its a beautiful one. And rides like no other… its just perfect.

I can say one thing, if there exists the one bike, the most beautiful one of them all, it must be a hard tail 😍.

In terms of parts ill just say the following:

  • NS bikes eccentric frame 2017 on 27.5 wheels  second hand but in perfect condition;
  • DT swiss CSW AM wheels second hand with Magic Mary tires new;
  • BX components dropper post new;
  • Guide R brakes second hand;
  • Race face Turbine crank second hand but in perfect conditions;
  • GS shifter and rear derailleur second hand but in good condition;
  • Revers components saddle new;
  • Fox 34 140mm fork 2016 model new;
  • Truvativ descendant and steam new;

Even if I went a bit over the budget it is still a good deal and came up way to good for how it looks and handles :D. I’ll be using this bike to have fun in the city, for trail riding where I have more mellow terrain (like Viscri or even Ciocanu rides) and for longer bike packing trips where I know I have bigger climbs that I can do on the bike (if it’s pushbike I rather push my enduro bike). I’ll just leave you some pictures and a movie to see just how good it is :D. Enjoy! 🚵‍♂🤘👊


Last weekend we have been to Ciocanu mountain bike trails, near Campulung, Bughea de Jos, Arges county.

There, you can find some nice trails done by the local riders community. There are a sum of 4 tracks there, that average from 2 to 3 km long and with an elevation between 300m and 400m meters.

Are dirt trails, with some nice features done to them, like small drops, switchbacks and some natural roots section. Because of the altitude (starts at 800m), and that all tracks run thru forest, they are a good alternative to a bad weather day.

There is no shuttle there or cable for that matter but there is a forest road that takes you right to the starting point of the tracks.

We did a day and a night descent there. It is nice to descent a track at night. It’s like the track is totally new, like you discover it then, way more fun than the day descent. So, when you get tired of doing a trail, try to do it by night, rediscover that trail :D.

Bellow you will find movies and pics from there, and at this link, an older article that includes track and other footage. Enjoy!

3 awsome enduro singletracks in Bucegi Mountains

Tura faina de enduro ce am dat weekendul trecut, unde credeti, tot in Bucegi :D. Muntele asta are atatea de oferit. Daca am sta 1 an sus pe platou si tot nu ne-am plictisi, fie vara fie iarna ;).

Cum am mai zis si in postarile anterioare, este un fel de Dolomiti de Romania, doar ca fara atatea reguli :D… I like it more here ;).

Sa revenim la povestea noastra din weekend. Aveam nevoie de un traseu “lejer” care sa ne asigure o retragere la o ora convenabila caci seara trebuia sa fim fresh pentru un eveniment.

Traseul trebuia sa indeplineasca 3 conditii, sa ajungem repede la traseu, sa avem o gondola sau o cabina prin preajma si sa fie aproape de evenimentul de seara. Bucegii au reusit sa le indeplineasca pe toate.

Astfel, de dimineata la 8:30 il culeg pe Andrei din Sinaia sii ii dam la cota 1400 unde luam gondola pana la 2000 pe varful Furnica de unde incepe cu adevarat traseul nostru.

Din start va zic ca acest traseu implica 3 coborari si ceva tranzitie intre acestea, seamana destul de mult cu o zi de concurs Enduro avand cam 40 de km si 1000m elevatie si din cele 3 coborari, 2 sunt chiar hardcore.

De la gondola dam cateva pedale pana pe varf si incepem sa coboram spre Piatra Arsa. Coborarea de pe vf. Furnica spre Piatra Arsa, este in prima parte foarte…. abrupta, si cand zic abrupta chiar este abrupta. Poteca este ca si cum nu ar fi si seamana in mare parte cu un mal de rau, surpat. Ai dropuri peste dropuri si trebuie sa mergi cu mare grija. Daca cineva gaseste o linie mai cu flow pe acolo, acel cineva este rugat sa ne zica si noua care este aia :D.

Dupa coborarea in cap, de zici ca am facut rapel, mai dam cateva pedale si ajungem la ultima portiune de coborare pana la Piatra Arsa care, desi nu este abrupta, este destul de bolovanoasa si tehnica. Dupa Piatra Arsa eu ma aleg cu o foaie stramba de nici lantul nu mai statea pe ea. Gata, am adaugat si un Bash Guard pe wishlist :D. O indreptam cat de cat cu niste bolovani si purcedem la a 2-a speciala, PS2 :))). A 2-a desi este mai fara flow la inceput, se transforma treptat intr-un super singletrack ce duce la Pestera. Chiar tare, vedeti video-ul 2 de mai jos.

De aici incepe urcarea inapoi la Piatra Arsa care este o “placere”. Urci pe asfalt prin caldura o bucata destul de lunga, pe langa lacul Bolboci (sa o luati prin dreapta lacului pe forestier), si apoi pe la cabana Dichiu si saua cu acelasi nume pana inapoi la Piatra Arsa.

De aici incepe PS3 care este cea mai lunga si cea mai grea coborare. Eu i-as zice brevetul pentru Valea Cerbului caci are o dificultate similara… si niste curbe… uite asa, numai la 180 de grade :P.

Sincer vorbind este grea si provocatoare. Are cateva pasaje ce nu pot fi date pe bicla, sau cel putin nu mi se par “humanly ridable” :)))). Poate din video 3 nu iti dai seama cat de abrupt sau accidentat este traseul in unele sectiuni dar cine stie coborare isi va da seama ce e pe acolo.

Oricum, si asta merita facuta odata pe an :D.

Va lasam mai jos materialul foto/video de rigoare si sper sa va placa “micul” traseu enduro. Linkul cu traseul il aveti aici. Enjoy!