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This year is the first edition of Mehedinti enduro, courtesy of Alexandru Pufan aka The Pufalot who has worked his ass of for us to have an awesome contest on 12 of May here in Topolnitei Valley, Mehedinti county.

Yep, this guy has shaped some awesome trails here and took the time to show us around. Is the second time coming here and we had the same feeling, being amazed of what this place has to offer.

The contest itself has around 27.5 km with and elevation of 1350m and 5 downhill stages varying between 1 and 2 km long. Here’s a description of them made by The Pufalot, on which we agree 👊.

The 5 specials from Enduro’s first Mehedinti edition are located on the Topolnita Valley, a diverse geographically area, making the trails quite different from each other.

The first trail, La Muerte Peluda, is the most rocky and the longest (and the most difficult to reach, with a transfer of nearly 7km), with several exposed and inadequate areas. Completely natural, this is in fact an old touristic trail brought back to life on the occasion of the contest.

On the other hand, the second special PS2, Imaginationland, will be the shortest but most interesting. It will pass through the ruins of a fortress and will descend along a natural carousel, so that in the end it will pass through a rocky and open area.

The following two PS3 and PS4 have the same starting point, being constructed from scratch over the past 3 years. Much easier from a technical point of view, they will probably please those who prefer more of a bike park type of trail with lots of berms and jumps.

PS3, Stevie Niks will actually be a berm skill test for the riders, having a dozen of berms, while the next one, PS4, Blame Canada, will show us who is best in the air, building the biggest gap in the competition. And yes, this guy’s a South Park die hard fan 🤣🤟.

The last trail, Taming Strange, completed this month, is actually a combination of everything we’ve ever met. Technical areas alternate with flow paths, including very tight switchbacks, straight-forward portions, drops and gaps, on unforeseeable terrain 😳.

Hope this words made you an image of what to expect, and if not check up this edit that we made form our first day of riding here.

Second day we took a short trip to Herculane baths to check up some sick exposed trails that we will be uploading soon on youtube. Beside this we will upload all 5 contest trails in the next days so stay tuned on VRR youtube channel 🤙.

Also, you can find the complete map of the contest here: MEHEDINTI ENDURO ON TRAILFORKS! 🚵‍♂

Yes, it was a sick weekend and all we have to say is that we can hardly wait for the contest and also to come back here to check out more trails. For sure in automn we plan another trip here, there are so much more trails to be ridden.

This guy is actually shaping the south of this country! Cheers mate! 🍻

P.S.: Remember 12 mai 2019 – Valea Topolnitei.  Photo credits: Alexandru Pufan.

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Tura Bicicleta Mihai Bravu, Dunare si inapoi

Pe 26.04.2014 am facut o tura usoara pe care o recomand in lipsa de altceva si daca va doriti sa va pastrati jumatate de zi si pentru alte activitati.

Tura se desfasoara intre localitatea Mihai Bravu unde se ajunge foarte usor si Dunare, sub forma unui circuit. Recomandarea personala ar fi sa lasati daca se poate masina in localitatea Uzunu adica in drumul principal deoarece drumul pana in Mihai Bravu pare a fi bombardat recent de un raid aerian.

Odata lasata masina traseul incepe lejer spre centrul localitatii si coboara spre Dunare si spre localitatea Baneasa (alta Baneasa decat cea cunoscuta). Puteti intreba localnicii pentru directii dar va sugerez sa aveti un spartphone cu harti preinstalate sau aplicatia bikemap.

Mai jos regasiti si o harta. Traseul este foarte frumos deoarece va duce prin campuri de grau, rapita si alte plantatii si intr-un final va scoate la dunare unde va puteti odihni. Apoi, inapoi trebuie sa o luati pe alt traseu a.i. sa fie un circuit iar la final trebuie sa serviti o bere la una din bodegile din Mihai Bravu sau Vlad Tepes.

Tot mai jos ar fi cateva poze de pe traseu.

Inca o idee personala, traseul ar fi foarte ok pentru un concurs. Distanta optima, plat, accesibil si daca ploua nu vor fi multe portiuni cu noroi. Ba chiar se pot structura 2-3 nivele/lungimi de traseu. Poate pe viitor o sa vedem “Maratonul Dunarii” :).

Distanta: aproximativ 60 km

Diferenta de nivel: 90 hm

Suprafata: asfalt, piatra, pamant

Bike map:




_DSC0187_DSC0195 _DSC0197 _DSC0206 _DSC0212 _DSC0217 _DSC0221 _DSC0229 _DSC0242 _DSC0245 _DSC0251 _DSC0262 DSC_0185