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PERFECT AUTUMN DAY OUT #valeacernei #shapingthesouth

After this ride, we know where we will be each year for first of November, no doubt about it šŸ„°.

Valea Cernei is a delight for the sight in this period, and combined with the beautiful single tracks along the way it makes for an perfect day out. I strongly recomand to go visit this place and Mehedinti county in general, it’s a region in Romania like no other with a lot to offer. #shapingthesouth hashtag must be replaced with #gosuth because slowly it becomes a must ;). Thanks Pufi for the great ride and see you soon! Cheers!

Trails on trail forks, but don’t resume to this 2, look for more šŸ˜‰ https://www.trailforks.com/trails/inele–valea-cernei-pt-1/ https://www.trailforks.com/trails/inele–valea-cernei-pt-2/

Also check out the ride we took in the beginning of the year: Shaping the south, Muntii Cernei edition


This year will be a year of firsts. First Mehedinti Enduro, first Ciocanu Enduro, first Semenic Enduro, first Ebike enduro contest and the list will go on.

The whole Romanian cup is looking pretty good and it’s all thanks to this people, Bike Attack Resita and the ones that they engaged in their youthful ambitions :D.

In this short movie you can see a glimpse of Mehedinți Enduro and whatā€™s to come. Things are happening, good things.

Mehedinți is an area that deserves much more attention. If you pay some attention to this county you will find a place of tales not long forgotten and you will ride trails that tell storiesā€¦

For us is one of those magic places that we want to visit each year, a peaceful and friendly place. Good memories were built here and that made our bond with this place strong :).

Okay, now back to some more accurate information :D.

The contest was awesome, and all thanks to Alexandu Pufan and the guys from Bike Attack Resita! Cheers mates for making it happen, not just Mehedinti but the hole cup!

The 5 special stages from the first edition of Mehedinti Enduro are located on the Topolnite Valley, a very varied area from a geographical point of view, this aspect making each route quite different from the others.

The first route is the rockiest and longest (and also the hardest to reach, with a transfer of almost 7km), with several exposed and loose areas. Completely natural, this is in fact an old tourist trail brought to life on the occasion of the event.

On the other hand, the second special stage will be the shortest, but especially interesting. It will pass through the ruins of a fortress and descend along a natural roller coaster, and at the end a rocky and open area will be crossed.

The next two routes have the same starting point, being built from scratch over the last 3 years. Much easier from a technical point of view, they will probably be to the liking of bike parkers. Thus, the route no. 3 will test the skills of riders with several tens of berms, while the next one will show us who is best in the air, here being built the biggest gaps in the entire competition.

The last route, completed this month, is actually a combination of everything you have encountered so far. The technical areas alternate with the flow areas, including particularly tight switchbacks, straight portions of speed, drops and gaps, on unpredictable terrain.

The total distance to be traveled is somewhere at 28km, of which 8 are downhill, along the special stages :D. That sounds like fun right! For exact map of the contest trails, check out trail forks here :D. With this new format cup, Romania will appear on the map with some awesome trails ;).

This be said, make sure you don’t miss it next year because it will be better :D.

Cheers mates and enjoy the rest of the cup! Also check out this articles for more footage from the area ;).

Photo credit: Cornel Pufan


This year is the first edition of Mehedinti enduro, courtesy of Alexandru Pufan aka The Pufalot who has worked his ass off for us to have an awesome contest on the 12th of May here in Topolniței Valley, Mehedinți county.

Yep, this guy has shaped some awesome trails here and took the time to show us around. It is the second time coming here and we had the same feeling, being amazed of what this place has to offer.

The contest itself has around 27.5 km with and elevation of 1350m and 5 downhill stages varying between 1 and 2 km long. Here’s a description of them made by The Pufalot, on which we agree šŸ‘Š.

The 5 specials from Enduroā€™s first Mehedinți edition are located on the Topolnița Valley, a diverse area geographically, making the trails quite different from each other.

The first trail, La Muerte Peluda, is the rockiest and the longest (and the most difficult to reach, with a transfer of nearly 7km), with several exposed and inadequate areas. Completely natural, this is in fact an old touristic trail brought back to life with the occasion of the contest.

On the other hand, the second special PS2, Imagination land, will be the shortest but most interesting. It will pass through the ruins of a fortress and will descend along a natural carousel, so that in the end it will pass through a rocky and open area.

The following two, PS3 and PS4 have the same starting point, being constructed from scratch over the past 3 years. Much easier from a technical point of view, they will probably please those who prefer more of a bike park type of trail with lots of berms and jumps.

PS3, Stevie Nicks will actually be a berm skill test for the riders, having a dozen of berms, while the next one, PS4, Blame Canada, will show us who is best in the air, building the biggest gap in the competition. And yes, this guy’s a South Park die hard fan šŸ¤£šŸ¤Ÿ.

The last trail, Taming Strange, completed this month, is actually a combination of everything we’ve ever met. Technical areas alternate with flow paths, including very tight switchbacks, straight-forward portions, drops and gaps, on unforeseeable terrain šŸ˜³.

Hope these words made you an image of what to expect, and if not check up this edit that we made from our first day of riding here.

Second day we took a short trip to Herculane baths to check up some sick exposed trails that we will be uploading soon on youtube. Besides this we will upload all 5 contest trails in the next days so stay tuned on VRR youtube channel šŸ¤™.

Also, you can find the complete map of the contest here: MEHEDINTI ENDURO ON TRAILFORKS! šŸšµā€ā™‚

Yes, it was a sick weekend and all we have to say is that we can hardly wait for the contest and to come back here to check out more trails. For sure in autumn we plan another trip here, there are so much more trails to be ridden.

This guy is actually shaping the south of this country! Cheers mate! šŸ»

P.S.: Remember 12 mai 2019 – Valea Topolnitei.Ā  Photo credits: Alexandru Pufan.

You can also check out this article about Mehedinti county: MEHEDINTI FTW


Mehedint FTW!

Some years back we’ve been to Isverna, an remote village in Mehedinti county. Going there was like a time travel. 2 years back we sow people still wearing “opinci” traditional shoes made from pig skin, and they ware not wearing them because of any touristic purposes.

This year we decided to go back but to explore more of the place.

Wee look up trail forks only to find out that our trail forks ambassador in Romania has his headquarters in Mehedint county. Good!

Our trip took 3 days and we ridden 3 different places.

First day we ride near Isverna, where we also stayed. We go to Beletina meadow and traverse Mehedinti mountains. We followed 3 trails that you can find on trail forks, Starway to Beletina, Beletina – Pigs neck and Springs Face, all tied up and all beautiful trails. We climb on fire road up to Beletina then you follow Pigs neck on animal trails and then descent back to Isverna on an wild raw trail!

We sleep well the first day, dreaming about the awesome track that we did.

Next day we meet up with Pufalot, the trail forks ambassador and did another awesome track in Cerna Valley. We visit the remote villages in Cerna Valley, and the awesome single tracks that unites them. On the descent we did 2 trails that you can find on trail forks, Prislop – Dobraia and Dobraia – Dumbrava.Ā The whole secondĀ day track can be found here.

The descent was just awesome, long, over 10k and combines technical terrain with speed and flow. The ground is loose in this period and you must be careful of the offcamber corners :)).

We ware so tired after the second day that we did not dream about anything, just a long deep sleep…

Last day we made it short. We meet Pufalot on his home ground, Sindrilei hill, near Izvorul Barzii just to Blame Canada :)))).

Man, this guy is a crazy trail builder!Ā šŸ¤˜ Cant wait for him to finish all the trails. Blame Canada trail its awesome. starting from the top it has 8 jumps one bigger then the other. The last 2 are a gap and a droop with an insane landing !

Next year he will have 3 trails and if the others will be as sick as Blame Canada, then we will spend double the time in Mehedinti county! Maybe a new enduro contest is in sight šŸ˜.

Until next year we leave you some photos and an edit to better understand the beauty of Mehedint county, form our point of view ;).

Enjoy and ride safe!Ā šŸšµā€ā™‚ā›°šŸŽ„šŸ“·šŸ‘Š

Isverna 3.0

Isverna 3.0Ā courtesy of Tibi and Matei :D.

An de an traditia continua si deja am ajuns la a 3-a editie a turei la Isverna. Anul asta Tibilica isi face upgrade de firmware la ultima versiune 3.0, LA MULTI ANI TIBILICA!!!, si cu ocazia asta reeditam intrunirea de anul trecut, lafel de voiosi, plini de viata dar mai multi la numar caci lucrurile se misca :D.

Unde mai pui ca in aceleasi zile este organizata si prima editie a Karst Isverna MTB Race, un concurs XC intr-un loc absolut superb. Lucrurile se misca se pare si aici, si locul este usor usor pus pe harte de oamenii ce il iubesc si care acum au ocazia sa faca ceva pentru el. Matei si Hymalaia Travel organizeaza de mult tabere de copi, de MTB, de explorare, prin zona aceasta ce are atatea de oferit.

Fara nici o exagerare, este o zona superba, simpla, de parca te-ai intors in timp. Cred ca am zis asta si in postul trecut, oamenii inca se incalta in opinci pe aici, si nu ca ar fi vreo zona turistica si vin turistii, ci pentru ca asta le e portul si viata.

Am plecat de joi seara, sau chiar noapte, dupa munca, si dupa ce ne luptam cu traficul din Bucuresti, reusim pe la un 9:30 sa iesim si noi pe autostrada. Din ce in ce mai mult cred ca acest oras functioneaza ca o inchisoare…

Drumul ii lung pana la Isverna, pana in Mehedinti, dar parca nu trece asa greu. Cu mici intarzieri ajungem si noi pe la 3 noapte la Matei in curte doar ca sa ii gasim pe restul care au reusit sa reziste, nici ei veniti de mult, in jurul focului facut in vatra din curte. Ne intindem corturile, caci sigur mai tarziu nu vom fi instare :)), si stam la foc… timpul trece si ne prinde a 2-a zi si somnul parca nu mai vrea sa se lipeasca de noi :D. Frig rau dar ne-a mers cu focul. Spre dimineata vine si nea Giolgau cu tuica si ne intreaba cum de am rezistat fara ea pana acuma… :)))

A 2-a zi stam la cafea, luam micul dejun, tragem cu arcul, jucam fotbal prin curte, activitati obisnuite de vineri, am putea sa spunem chiar ca am avut un casual friday :))).

Spre seara eu dau o fuga pe traseul de mtb de la concursul de maine. Fac prima urcare in strigatele muribunde ale ficatului meu. Deja ma apropiam de 48 de ore de nesomn si nici cu alimentatia nu am fost prea atent, dar bine ca m-am hidratat cum trebuie :P. Ma opresc langa un mar sa imi trag sufletul si apoi la umbra nucului batran unde imi umplu si rucsacul de nuci. Dupa ce dovedesc prima urcare si dupa ce tija de sa se strica asa, din neant (a pierdut presiunea) :(, ii dau rapid inapoi spre Isverna caci imi era clar ca nu termin nici un traseu. Seara ne prinde pe toti la foc si cu burtile pline. Trag de mine cat pot dar pe la 12 capitulez.

A 2-a zi vremea se arata chiar faina, nici un nor pe cer si temperatura ceva mai acceptabila. Concursul a fost chiar fain, atat organizarea cat si traseul. Acesta a avut cam 31 de km si vreo 1200m elevatie. Incepe cu o super urcare de cam 6 km si vreo 450m elevatie, apoi o coborare zdravana. Apoi urmeaza iara o urcare ce se termina cu un pushbike zdravan si iara o coborare lunga. Partea finala a traseului consta in vreo 3-4 urcari si coborari mai mici dect cele 2 de la inceput. Chiar este fain, si catarari foarte solicitate dar si coborari pe masura si vreo 2-3 sectiuni de coborare is chiar tehnice, bolovani, carari inguste, radacini, chestii de calitate :D.

Dupa concurs stam putin la socializarea de rigoareĀ si incheiem seara cu un concert al trupei Madicine Band din Serbia care chiar canta fain,Ā niste cover-uri foarteĀ reusite. Dupa concert ne retragem la vatra lui Matei unde ne prinde si somnul in jurul focului. In ultima zi stam sa ne strangem catrafusele si sa ne facem bagajul, dar Matei, care pleca oricum peste cateva zile de aici, baga o tura prin crovuri impreuna cu Tiberiu, Gabi, Mihaela si Bogdan, tura peĀ care chiar ma oftic ca am ratat-o :(, mai ales dupa ce am vazut pozele. Asta e, un motiv in plus sa revin la Isverna :D. Trakul de la concurs il gasiti aici,Ā iar mai jos va lasam pozele faine de la isverna, printre care cateva si de pe traseul concursului precum si un video facut de cei de la dampedale.ro cu fragmente din traseu. Hai sa ne revedemsi la anu’ cu bine la Isverna. Enjoy!

Calatorie in timp, in Isverna

Comuna Isverna, Mehedinti,Ā este un locĀ de povesteĀ din punctul nostru de vedere. Oricine vine din mediul urban aici, isi va da seama de ce spunem asta. Daca stai si esti atent la ce se intampla in aceasta comuna, si nu spunem ca doar in aceasta comuna se intampla lucrurile asa, ci in multe altele din tara, dar nu avem nici timp nici ocazia sa le vizitam si sa le analizam pe toate, iti vei da seama de ce spunem ca este o lume de poveste. Parca te intorci in timp, fara exagerare. Am vazut oameni in opinci, si nu pentru ca aveau o pensiune si vroiau sa faca impresie turistilor, cum se intampla in alte locuri din tara, ci pentru ca alea le erau incaltarile, atata isi permiteau si nici nu aveau nevoie de altceva.

Am vazut copii fara de facebook, care se joaca asa cum ne jucam si noi cand eram mici, acum 20 de ani, facand cazemate, alergand pe vale, fugarind cate un caine sau o pisica, spargand nuci pe marginea drumului sau incropind cate un teren de fotbal din 4 pietre si o linie trasa in tarana.

Se vede clar ca acesti oameniĀ traiesc din ce le ofera pamantul si animalele si prea putin depind de sistemul “social capital” din tara asta.

Anul acesta am ajuns la isverna cu ocazia zilei de nastere a lui Tiberiu, sa ne traiasca! šŸ˜€ si datorita curtoaziei lui Matei, care detine si casa batraneasca la care am stat si care organizeaza tabere de copii inclusiv in zona, ceea ce ni se pare genial, copil fiind sa descoperi astfel de locuri. Trebuie neaparat sa vizitati pagina si sa cititi articolul urmator pentru a va da seama despre ce vorbim šŸ™‚ –Ā http://himalayatravel.ro/isverna-2015-mehedinti/

Si de data aceasta, ca si acum 2 ani, ne-am distrat de minune la Isverna. Locul acesta magic iti ofera o multime de facut si de descoperit. Te poti bucura de frumoasele drumuri parcurgandu-le cu bicicleta sau de frumoasele carari umblandu-le la picior. Gasesti trasee marcate care te poarta pe langa izvoare, prin poieni, doline si prin crovuri spre varfuri albe ce parca spun povesti. Da, parca randurile sunt mai siropoase decat de obicei dar parca si zone te indeamna sa scrii altfel.

Activitatea principala, si de data aceasta a fost voia buna la focul vatrei, un gratar bun si sanatos la vreme de seara si multa licoare magica adusa fie de acasa fie de la oamenii din sat.Ā Oamenii din sat care il stiau pe Tibi si care il conosc foarte bine pe Matei ne-au adus in permanenta cate ceva, fie ca a fost lapte fie ca a fost o tuica buna, o ciorba de branza, de care nu am mai mancat nicodata, o placinta cu branza sau un gem de prune, in permanenta am primit cate ceva si parca am dat prea putin inapoi, ba chiar deloc.

Ocazional am mai dat si cate o tura de bicicleta. Cea mai faina tura este cea pana la poiana Beletina, spre Crovu Mare. Traseul marcat care leaga mare parte a crovurilor si poienilor de prin creasta muntii este cruce rosie. El trece prinĀ Valea Cernei (Piatra Puscata) – Valea Timna – Crovu Mare – Saua Bruscan – Isverna. Traseul facut de noi pe biciclete pleaca din sat si urca frumos pe deal si spre munte cu o mica parte de pushbike inainte de poiana. Partea finala te poarta printre copacii batrani, parca pe un drum al druizilor. In poiana Beletina te asteapta o stana mare care este parasita de prin luna octombrie. Din poiana poti cobora pe marcaj triunghi albastru direct in sat, pe o ruta mai putin ciclabila dar care merita facuta. Daca atunci cand ajungi in poiana mai ai energie si timp, poti “escalada” si varful lui Stan care iti va oferi o frumoasa priveliste atat asupra Beletinei cat si spre Piatra Closani, spre Poienile Porcului, defileul Cernei si frumoasele lapiezuri ce impodobesc intreg peisajul. Daca iti planifici traseul bine poti continua pe cruce rosie spre Valea Cernei si spre Herculane.

Spre Herculane mai poti ajunge si pe bicicleta daca urci din Isverna pe DJ671 care este mai mult un drum forestier ce te urca pana in Godeanu de unde faci stanga spre Herculane si te bucuri de o lunga coborare de kilometrii buni si cu asfalt relativ bun.

De asemenea, daca tot te afli in zona ar fi pacat sa nu iti planifici o zi si pentru cheile Tesnei, un loc superb parca rupt dintr-un film fantasy. Daca vrei sa vezi ce iti pote oferii acest loc, viziteaza pagana de facebookĀ ParculĀ NaÅ£ionalĀ Domogled-ValeaĀ Cernei.

Mai jos va lasam cateva poze care sa exemplifice frumusetea zonei, de care am incercat sa va convingem si prin randurile de mai sus. Daca nu ati fost niciodata in aceste locuri, ar trebui sa va ganditi serios sa mergeti iar daca ati fost,Ā sa va ganditi lafel de serios ca ar trebuiĀ sa reveniti prinĀ aceste locuri. Enjoy!

Link Traseu bicicleta catre Poiana Beletina aici.

Mai multe detalii despre Isverna si dealurile Mehedintilor gasiti la: