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Cindrel bike packing adventure reloaded

Cindrel bike packing adventure reloaded. I think this is the third year we do this track and not only the trails keep us coming back, I think the refuge is. The way it looks and where its located has something to it. And doing the trip this late in the Autumn, when the probability of finding someone at the refuge is low, makes this more desirable. This time we did it in the same manner as third years ago, Cindrel mountains bikepacking trip, but the weather was top. A bit windy but only to make thing more adventurous. Not to many peoples on the mountain this time of the year and that suits us well. We saw a guy with a 4×4 going down from Cindrel peak, only to find him turn over on the trail to the refuge. What a crazy dude to try this track whit a 4×4 car 😲… didn’t thought he was gone make it down but with a little help from us, he managed… we pushed him to the refuge and a bit beyond but from there, via con Dios my friend… 😆 The night at the refuge was top, all alone we started a fire under the 1k stars hotel. We had lots of food and some Romanian quality beverage 🥃🤩 just enough to get us worm and quite cheerful… In the refuge was quite cozy and we had a good sleep but wake up early in the morning. Next day, breakfast with leftovers and then pushbike back to the ridge of Cindrel mountains, if we could call it a ridge. We did a descent to Canaia refuge on the other side and then straight back to Paltinis. On our way back we climb Batrana peak and then made the fun and gnarly descent to Paltinis. This trail is long very Enduro like and gets easier at the bottom. All ended up with a beautiful descent to Curmatura, from Oncesti peak, after meeting up with Alex, a good friend of ours from Sibiu. Check out his YT channel right here: La vale! This is the receipt for a terrific weekend ;). Also check out our electric adventure from last year in this beautiful mountains: Cindrel electric bikepacking trip, thanks to NevAcademy. Enjoy and ride safe!

Păltiniș epic trails

This came as a pleasant surprise. I knew that Cindrel mountains hold a bunch of great trails but this one was fantastic. Is the type of trail that you could ride a whole week around and not get bored.

And is not the only trail. For those of you loving the all mountain sections and wanting to explore a bit, the ride to Cindrel peak it’s a must. The trail runs right on the ridge of the mountain offering a pleasant view over the surroundings. From Cindrel peak you can take a ride down to Canaia refuge and then head back to Paltinis and link the return with the descent from Batrana col. Last year we did a cool ride with electric bikes around Cindrel mountains that you can check out here: Cindrel electric bikepacking trip, thanks to NevAcademy.

You also get a nice small bike park at Arena Platos where you can practice a bit and get dilled with your bike and skills. The bike park has 3 lines with perfectly built elements.

Also having Sibiu city near, makes for a great weekend trip! All trails in videos are on trail forks ;). Enjoy and ride safe!

Cindrel electric bikepacking trip, thanks to NevAcademy

Ok, so the season had to end with some quality bikepacking trip and all had gone down thanks to NevAcademy and their great bikes.

We wanted to go back to Cindrel mountains because last time we came here we had 48h of rain which made us cut short the track we wanted to do. This time, thanks to Adrian and his electric bikes, we managed to do the track in a record time and we had some great fun going uphill, not only downhill.

Let me tell you, it’s something else with the electric bike, a totally different kind of ride, you have loads of fun going uphill, you cover a lot more ground, and you workout quite the same. As I see it so far, if you live next to a mountain, don’t hesitate to buy an electric bike, it’s exactly what you need. The electric bike will not replace your old trusty non-electric bike but it will complete “the ride”, trust me.

As we live in Bucharest, and have to go 2h minimum by car to reach any mountain, the electric bike is not yet an option but we shall talk in a few years…

Ok, so our trip was already planned from last year, we knew the track we wanted to do and where we wanted to sleep.

We wanted to reach Cindrel peak, then Frumoasa peak, descent on the rocky road down to the road that takes you to Gura Râului and then go up to Cindrel mountain refuge. Only that, on the way up we stumbled upon a nice hut belonging to the forester in the area, and it had a room opened. It looked too good to be true and we decided to spend the night there. It was so warm and cozy that we didn’t even inflate our mattresses… It was the best sleep I had in a while ☺

Next day we did some inventory on our equipment (watch the movie below), and then up on the bikes and up the mountain, back to the ridge of Cindrel mountains. We passed Cindrel refuge and then did some electric push bike until we reached the ridge. From there we descended to Canaia refuge on the other side of the ridge and then back to Păltiniș on an awesome trail that goes from Bătrâna Cole. Man it was fun, so fun that we were howling like wolves on the descend 🤭🤙.

This weekend made me reconsider the possibility of owning an electric bike in the future and opened up some new ideas of rides in the future, some hybrid ones, just you wait 😜.

Thanks Adrian and NevAcademy for the ride, we had a great time and can’t wait to ride together again.

Until then, we leave you with the material below to take your own conclusions. Ride safe!

Muntii Lotrului si Cindrel, o tura prea faina sa fie descrisa in cuvinte…

Muntii Lotrului si Cindrel, o tura prea faina sa fie descrisa in cuvinte, dar o sa incercam :).

Ideea turei i-a venit lui Mountain BikeDude, cel mai cel mtb-ist din Timisoara 😀 si dupa cateva discutii pe FB am zis sa ii dam curs actiunii asa ca vinerea trecuta, imediat dupa munca am fugit sa imi iau bagajul deja facut si bicla si sa o intind spre Sibiu. In mod traditional, la ora aia am reusit sa fac peste o ora pana la iesirea din Bucuresti astfel abia dupa 18:30 ma gaseam pe autostrada visand in continuare la tura de maine.

Ajung in jur de ora 22 la Talmaciu si ma duc spre pensiunea unde am facut rezervarea ca sa iau cheia caci altfel ajungeam prea tarziu si nu vroiam sa deranjez, apoi fug la gara. Ne intalnim, ne salutam, punem bicla pe masina si dam sa ne suim cand apare si Mary din Germania venita cu couchsurfing in RO si care incerca sa gaseasca o adresa anume. Ne oferim sa o ajutam si dupa inca 30 de min reusim sa gasim persoana la care urma sa doarma. Ii urma multa distractie si bafta si ii zicem sa ne contacteze daca trece prin Bucuresti, apoi o taiem spre Talmaciu. Ajungem intr-un final, dam biclele jos si le legam in curtea pensiunii ne ducem in camera unde mai stam la o tigara si sa aruncam o privire peste harta si peste traseul de maine.

Dimineata suna ceasul putin cam cu noaptea in cap, pe la un 5:45. Ne urnim cu greu, ne echipam si ne deplasam la bicle. Le mai dam cu putin ulei, mai aruncam o privire prin bagaj si o intindem la birtul din sat care este cam lafel de matinal ca si noi. Abia deschis toata lumea se oprea la cafea aici, faina atmosfera de birt.

Cred ca se facuse 7 cand o intindem si noi din loc. Nu mergem nici 15 min ca ne vine un miros de tuica de la una din case unde si oprim. Doamna ne invita la o cafea dar noi nu vrem decat o sticluta de tuica pe care o si adjudecam. In timpul asta cazanul de tuica isi facea treaba nestingherit si operat cu dibacie de unu nene cam animat pentru ora asta a diminetii.

Continuam drumul spre muntii Lotrului si varful Prejba, primul obstacol al zilei. Trebuie sa zicem ca tura a implicat destule portiuni de pushbike si de asemenea drumurile is cam neumblate pe aici. Gasesti marcaje dar tarziu, cand dai in creasta Lotrului dar cararile sunt umblate mai mult de animale. Am vazut in poteca de toate, serpi, cocosi de munte, bufnite etc, doar pe regele berii nu l-am vazut :))).

Dupa Preja coboram la o stana sa luam niste apa. Ciobanul de treaba ne si invita la un unt pe paine, probabil cel mai bun unt pe care l-am mancat. Stam la ceva povesti si apoi o intindem din loc. Creasta incepe cu varful Voinasita dar pana acolo mai avem ceva varfuri de trecut. Desi ne bucuram de un timp bun, probabil ca pauzele adunate incep sa ne decaleze orarul. Ajungem pe la ora 14 pe varful Voinasita si realizam ca ne este usor imposibil sa facem creasta si apoi sa luam la mana si Cindrelul ca sa ajungem a 2-a zi la 15 in Sibiu ca sa prindem trenul de Timisoara. Atunci luam decizia sa ne indreptam spre varful Negovanu dar sa nu il mai urcam ci sa coboram la lacul Negoveanu pe un forestier care pe harta este marcat ca drum judetean :))). Coborarea lunga devine in curand plictisitoare. Ajungem dupa ceva timp jos la drumul de vine din Raul Sadului si apoi o luam in urcare usoara spre lac si baraj. Cand ajungem la lac se facuse ceasul aproape 18 si acumulasem cam 2600m elevatie. Mai avem inca 2-3 km de urcare usoara pana la marcajul spre refugiul Canaia prin muchia Canaia. Ajungem rapid si incercam sa depistam triunghiul albastru de pe indicator care de fapt era rosu. Dupa 15 minute ne convingem ca alt marcaj nu are cum sa fie dar ne si demoralizam cand vedem pushbike-ul ce urmeaza. Practic mai avem 3-4 km de push/carry bike de cea mai buna calitate. Urcam prima parte si apoi stam sa ne odihnim. Cu ocazia asta incep si roata de cascaval de o car dupa mine inca de dimineata si care e cam singura mancare de o am la mine caci in rest am doar cateva batoane de cereale si 2 geluri. Mananc infometat din cascaval si simt cum puterile imi revin… sau nu :)))). Doar cu gandul la lasarea intunericului si la frigul ce va veni inevitabil ne ridicam si dam iara la impins de bicle. In alte conditii as fi vazut poteca asta cu alti ochii. Este abrupta dar ar face o coborare cel putin bestiala, mai ales daca ar fi putin curatata. Totusi, nu stiu daca merita sa urci atata doar ca sa cobori 4-5 minute… in fine, desi pe marcaj scria 1.5h pana la refugiu, cred ca am facut vreo 2. Oricum am stat de vorba a 2-a zi cu cabanierul dar si cu un salvamontisit care ne-au confirmat ca antrenat si fara bagaj prea mare faci 1.5h… LOL :))).

Ajungem la refugiul care pana la urma s-a dovedit a fi o cabana in toata regula, pe la 21:30 seara doar ca sa ocupam ultimul pat disponibil, si ce bine am dormit, aproape neintors pana cand a rasarit soarele. De dimineata am stat de vorba putin cu cabanierul, am mancat o omleta si i-am dat repede spre Paltinis. Drumul este ok, urcare si coborare de optotriva. Ultima parte pe marcajul turistic, stanga cand ajungeti in saua Batrana, este chiar faina de coborat, atat bolovanis cat si singletrail deopotriva. In Paltinis servim o bere si ii dam spre Rasinari dar nu pe clasicul drum forestier. O apucam pe un marcaj spre Cisnadie (cruce rosie) si apoi pe altul spre Rasinari (Cruce Albastr) pe ce s-ar putea sa fie cel mai accidentat drum forestier pe care am mers. Daca era o potecuta sau o carare nu ma plangeam dar era un drum forestier destul de lat dar plin plin de bolovani si luuuung de ne-am plictisit. Ajungem intr-un final in Rasinari si apoi in Sibiu. Stam la un suc si o tigara si apoi ne despartim, unul spre gara si altul sa recupereze masina din Talmaciu. Tin sa spun ca cei 20km de asfalt au fost crunti pe o caldura aproape insuportabila. Mai, mai ca imi venea sa o iau inapoi :P.

Per total tura a fost super faina si putem afirma ca a fost si reusita chiar daca nu am facut toata bucla propusa initial. A ramas sa ne regasim la anu in aceasi formula si cu ceva mai mult timp la dispozitie ca sa o dovedim. Sigur o sa ne iasa si ne vom intoarce cu povesti noi. Pana atunci va lasam mai jos materialul foto si o mica mostra video. Revenim si cu una mai detaliata curand, dar dupa ce mai facem o tura prin fagaras :P, stay tuned :D! Enjoy!

Info bagaj: 1 pereche pantaloni subtiri polar, 2 bluze de corp din care una de lana, o geaca subtire cu puf, 1 tricou, 1 pereche de sosete mai groase, sac de dormit, buf, pelerina, frontala, 1l apa, multitool si alte chestii pt bicla 4 batoane cereale, 2 ciocolata, 2 geluri, 1 roata cascaval, 1 sac de dormit, 2 gopro-uri, o baterie externa si alte cateva accesorii si lucruri marunte + tuica de rigoare. Suplimentar, harta pe telefon, track pe ceas cu gps. Traseu: link 1 – Talmaciu – Voinasita – Canaia, link 2 – ref Canaia – Paltinis, link 3 – Paltinis – Sibiu – Talmaciu.