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Sorry to say this, but it was a veritable mudfest this year. We made jokes about the forecast but the weather was way worse than the forecast so we ended up riding 3 days on soaking wet trails.

Too bad for this beautiful place that got to experience such weather in a contest weekend and the trails got to suffer quite a lot ….

This is a shame because here are some of the greatest trails in Ro and I wanted to ride them so bad, just as I remember them.

It was a bit harsh on the organizers too. They found the courage to hold the event, even though the times are not the nicest (Covid and all) and the weather kicked their moral as well.

It was fun the first day in training but being in contest on this kind of a weather, man, it’s too harsh I tell you.

I had to do it just to learn that next time when the forecast comes true and looks like this, I’ll turn myself in an action sports photographer for the time of the contest 😆, it’s safer for me and for my bike, and I still do something more useful than racing 😅🤷‍♂

Otherwise, the place is great for riding trails, just beautiful. Some nice trails with good dirt, all on a beautiful Mountain with a beautiful lake at the bottom just in the perfect place for you to cool down after a gnarly descent 🌬💪.

Hope next year we get rid of all the troubles and have a perfect enduro season, fingers crossed.

Until next time, cheers to the guys from Bike Attack Resita for holding the contest and check out the trails on trail forks. And don’t forget that the trails are there the whole year, so go visit them, you’ll have a blast riding there 🤗😉. Congratulations to the winners for pulling hard and hope their bikes are ok! Ride safe and enjoy!

Also, check out this great article on EWS web page with the race report! Things happen here too and it’s all due to the implication of some great people from Resita, cheers mates! 🍻

P.S. For accommodation in the area, if you don’t look for something fancy, you can check out Haus Hubertus place, it’s a very nice hut with a great garden where you can even camp 😉 Great food also!

Veliko Tarnovo enduro MTB trails, Bulgaria

Last weekend we’ve been to Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria to ride again the trails there, but this time was different. Why?! because we get to ride with the locals :D. And you know is best to ride with the locals, we can confirm this saying :))).

Veliko Tarnovo (BulgarianВелико Търново, “Great Tarnovo”) is a city in north central Bulgaria and the administrative centre of Veliko Tarnovo Province.

Often referred to as the “City of the Tsars“, Veliko Tarnovo is located on the Yantra River and is famously known as the historical capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire, attracting many tourists with its unique architecture. The old part of the city is situated on the three hills Tsarevets, Trapezitsa, and Sveta Gora, rising amidst the meanders of the Yantra (Source: Wikipedia).

Ok, so we’re gonna stop here because we have the important part and that is “situated on the three hills Tsarevets, Trapezitsa, and Sveta Gora”… 3 hills…downhills :)))

So we meet at Veliko Turnovo with the crew from Turnduro and Old Mountain MTB Holiday an did some laps on the trails there and it was sick. The guys really did put some work into some of the trails and you could see it right away and also they have some natural trails or sections that are just beautiful.

So, at this time we can name 4 of the trails, Rodopa, Garga, Ksilifor and Off camber trail. You can find some tracks with our rides here: Track from day 1, Track form day 2.

All of them have from 1.2 km to 2 km and lets say around 200m elevation. Ok, they are not to long and not to steep but its not downhill we’re talking abut and its not Enduro either, its FUNDURO :))). Yes the term is borrowed but we like it and its perfect to describe the trails there, and the guys we’ve been riding with there, Nedko, Petar, Constantine, Ivan and Portokal, cheers mates!

Besides the above 4 named trails there are others, we know 2 more but after discussing with Nedko and the guys we realize that you can stay there for a few days and have a great time and discover new trails, but the key is to ride with the locals :)).

We liked it so much that we think tomorrow we’re gonna go back there and shred those trails.

For more information about the trails you can also check out freerider.ro article at this link, or our article from the first visit there witch includes more videos with the trails.

Until next time, ride safe @ Veliko Tarnovo! Enjoy!

Postavaru mountain bike Trails, Brasov, Romania

This is a quick post about Postavaru trails near Brasov City, Romania :D.

Brașov is located in the central part of the country, about 166 kilometres (103 miles) north of Bucharest and 380 kilometres (236 miles) from the Black Sea. It is surrounded by the Southern Carpathians and is part of the Transylvania region.

The city is notable for being an important centre of Transylvanian Saxons in the past, and a large commercial hub on the trade roads between East and West. (Source: Wikipedia).

Also for us, Brasov is important because of its potential in mountain bike and ski activities.

Near Brasov is Postavaru massive, an almost 1800m height mountain with some awesome trails just waiting to bi ridden.

Also, Brasov is a beautiful chill city, with an nice old city full of activity and beautiful people.

In order to ride there you have to get yourself and you’re bike up to Poiana Brasov, which is a bit higher positioned then Brasov. To get there you have to bike there (around 45min-1h by bike) or take a shuttle bus from the city center. For this check out NH Bike guys witch offer professional shuttle services there, taking riders every each hour from Brasov to Poiana Brasov.

From poiana Brasov are like 4 trails that get down to Brasov, but also from there you can take a cabin up to the peak of Postavaru mountain and from there you have a beautiful over 1200m descent to town witch we really recomand. Also you can take a break at Postavaru mountain Hut and enjoy the view and the bear there :D… oh, and the cookies :))).

Without further ado, we leave you some tracks with 2 of the trails there, and also a movie to better comprehend the fun you will face on Postavaru Trils :))).

Trail tracks: descent from Postavaru peak, descent from Poiana Brasov on yellow triangle mark trail. Enjoy and ride safe!


Anul acesta Ciucas Enduro are 4 speciale, spre deosebire de anii trecuti, si sunt sigur ca pe viitor acestea vor mai suferi si alte modificari :D. Este ciudat ca scriu un articol despre traseele de la un concurs la care nu am participat niciodata, si, nici anul asta nu am sa particip :)), lol.

Singurul concurs de Enduro la care am participat a fost cel de anul trecut de la Resita, metal Enduro, si as putea spune ca este singurul cu care il pot compara, dar, ne-am dat pe atatea trasee si coborari de tip enduro si cred ca ne putem da putin cu presupusul chiar daca nu vom participa :).

Traseele dupa parerea mea is faine rau, sunt exact genul de trasee care mie imi pac cel mai mult, in care pleci din zona alpina si sfarsesti in padure.

Ca si caracteristici pentru Ciucas Enduro cred ca ar fi diferenta de nivel acoperita, traseele fiind destul de abrupte si dificultatea catorva sectiuni mai ales cele care pleaca din zona alpina.

Cele mai grele mi se par PS2 si PS3, nu in totalitate dar sectiuni din acestea.

Astfel, avem un PS1 destul de scurt, probabil cea mai scurta proba dintre toate dar cu un final fain. Este singura proba unde partea finala este mai dificila decat partea de inceput. La finalul acesteia dai de o contrapanta, o rampa si cateva curbe stranse cat sa te surprinda si sa iti faca o incalzire ca la carte pentru ceea ce urmeaza.

Odata ajunsi la PS2, dupa un pushbike serios :D, treburile se complica putin. PS2 de cum intra in padure are o serie de curbe stranse, cam toate offcamber. Mie mi-a placut mult chiar daca am dat o tranta pe acolo. Si acesta este scrut, dar nu lafel ca PS1.

Dupa PS2 urmeaza iara un pushbike inapoi in creasta si nu dupa mult timp ajungi la PS3 care pleaca din zona numita La Tigai unde traseul de creasta se bifurca sau mai bine zis se furcheaza :))) pentru a se duce fie pe varf fie la cabana Ciucas fie spre Babarunca.

Traseul coboara spre cabana Babarunca. Partea de inceput de la PS3, pana cand se intra calumea in padure, dupa parerea mea este cea mai dificila. Sunt vreo 2 stanci ce au potential sa iti puna probleme, la inceputul traseului. Eu era sa mi-o fur la prima deoarece am intrat cam tare fara sa stiu ce linie sa iau si am iesit cu rotile putin cam la limita aderentei :). Apoi va urma o sectiune abrupta pe niste bolovani destul de seriosi iar intre bolovani vei avea pietre razlete care nu prezinta vreun fel de aderenta. Daca supravietuiesti acestei portiuni deja ai trecut greul probei si zic eu greul concursului, dar asta nu inseamna ca trebuies a te relaxezi.

PS4 vine in continuarea lui PS3. Ultima proba este cea mai de viteza, doar la final are ceva curbe si o portiune unde tre sa ai putina grija la cioturile copacilor taiati. Totusi, e si cea mai fun proba.

Cam asta ar fi scurta descriere a traseelor asa ca va lasam mai jos un filmulet artistic, facut in singurul moment de plictiseala de pe traseu :))) pe care va rog sa il vizionati si sa ne spuneti daca avem vreun pic de talent :D, apoi cate un filmulet cu fiecare proba speciala (PS), si cateva poze. Linkul cu traseul il gasiti aici. Enjoy and ride safe in weekend! Bafta!

P.S. inca un mic detaliu, sper sa nu ploua caci atunci e groasa treaba :))


Viscri, Crit, Cloasterf, Mesendorf si Saschiz sau mai bine zis Transilvania bike trails (TBT)

Viscri, Crit, Cloasterf, Mesendorf si Saschiz sau mai bine zis Transilvania bike trails (TBT) = un 1 Mai, mai diferit. Nu ca am fi fost prea des la mare de 1 Mai dar de data asta am inceract o alta zona, unde nu am mai fost decat in treacat si anume Viscri si imprejurimile. De fapt, mai bine zis Crit, unde ne-am cazat, si imprejurimile, o zona traditionala, rustica, saseasca si cu multe de oferit. Pacat ca a trebuit sa se mute unul, pe nume Charles, pe aici ca sa aflam si noi de zona…

Si nu doar ca s-a mutat, ci a si restaurat si a mai si infintat un ONG pe nume MET (Mihai eminescu Trust) si practic a resurscitat zona nu doar din punct de vedere turistic ci si ce deriva din asta. Pacat si bravo lui in acelasi timp.

Zona chiar este faina si are multe de oferit, iar modul in care casele fac turism pe aici ii chiar frumos, ne-a adus aminte putin de Delta Dunarii. Noi am stat la pensiunea Elena din Crit, un loc de nota 10 pe care vi-l recomand cu drag. Masa o luam in locul unde stateau gazdere iar de dormit dormeam la 2 minute departare in sat. Pensiunea este facuta cu bun simt si calitate iar masa servita la gazde este de nota 12. Mancare buna si bautura si mai buna 😉 sa veniti cu incredere aici. Aveti mai jos, printre poze, si cateva cu pensiunea.

Acum, legat de locurile de vizitat, in toate satele aveti ce vedea, cam acelasi lucru, dar merita. Biserici fortificate in fiecare si case traditionale, si, mai nou sunt legate de trasee de bicicileta :D, de la Viscri pana la Sighisoara. Puteti descarca de pe market aplicatia TBT care prezinta pe harta satelit traseele de bicicleta si va si pozitioneaza pe acestea daca aveti GPSul pornit ;).

Noi, in prima zi am fost pe bicicleta din Crit pana in Bunesti, apoi Viscri, apoi Mesendorf si inapoi in Criti, tot pe dealuri. Traseele de bicicleta is faine, mai ales portiunea Viscri –> Mesindorf care este un singletrail pavat cu pietrisi si intretinut pe care pedalezi de placare inclusiv la deal :D. Traseul de mai sus are cam 35 de km cu 500m diferenta de nivel. Eu zic ca ori cine il poate face si asta lejer si de placere. Linkul cu traseul il gasiti aici.

Toata ziua ne-a urmarit ploaia dar pur si simplu nu ne-a pasat. Seara am ajuns in Criti si apoi direct la masa. Gazdele ne-au asteptat cu rachiu, vin si multe bunatati.

A 2-a zi, dupa micul dejun copios ne intoarcem pentru a lua masina si a pleca in vizita pe la satele vecine dinsprea Sighiosasa dar nu inainte de a face pana dobandita la masina din cauza unui cui, cel mai probabil luat pe ultima suta de metri, ieri, cand am sosit. Mentionez pana patita pentru ca vreau sa atrag atentia asupra unui lucru. Care aveti masini Dacia, eventual si Renault dar nu pot confirma sigur, cheia de esfacut prezoanele este greu utilizabila. Aceasta are 20cm toata si daca prezoanele sunt intepenite, desfarecea acestora poate fi o misiunea imposibila. Noroc cu gazda si o teava imprumutata cu care am reusit sa fac o parghie regulamentara cat sa dau drumul la prezoane. Dupa rezolvarea penei plecam in Cloasterf, apoi in Saschiz si la final in Sighisoara. La intoarcere mai dam iara o fuga in Viscri inainte sa ne intoarcem la cazare. Dupa servim iara masa si apoi la somn caci ne asteapta inca o zi de biciclit.

Ultima zi se anunta insorita si ar fi pacat sa o ocupam cu drumul de intoarcere asa ca luam directia Mesendorf pentru a continua singletralul TBT. Din Mesendorf continuam spre deal si spre liziera padurii unde drumul de tara se transforma intr-un forestier. La iesirea din padure dam de singletrailul ce vine din Viscri si il tinem cam 10-15 km pana in dreptul satului Cloasterf unde facem dreapta si coboram pana in sat. De aici asfalt pana in Crit de unde recuperam masina si o taiem spre Bucuresti. Trackul turei il gasiti aici. Si astazi am biciclit tot 35 de km cu 500m diferenta. Cele 2 trasee pot fi unite pentru un super traseu de 70km cu 1000m ;), predominant singletrail de cea mai buna calitate. Am impresia ca daca il faci din directia Cloasterf/Sighisoara spre Visci, ai avea ceva mai multa coborare :), dar trebuie sa revin ca sa verific informatia :P.

Va lasam mai jos pozele de prin zona precum si un filmulet cu portiuni de pe traseul Viscri – Mesendorf – Cloasterf – Crit. Enjoy!