Ciucaș Enduro 2019, awesome friendly contest

Last year in August, Ciucaș Enduro was revived in a new, not so competitive but pretty awesome form.

It was a friendly enduro contest, something more like a gathering, in which riders treated the so called contest as they wished. Some of them really battled but most of the riders present were only there to ride the trails with their friends and to somehow have a taste of how an enduro contest is held.

It’s a good thing because people get to see how an enduro mtb contest is like but have way more fun. Not everybody is prepared for racing enduro and this way you get a casual intro into riding enduro.

Besides this, you get some cleaned trails, music, food, great beer and lots of fun with your mates or get to know new people from the community.

Hope the contest will be held next year too, because we really enjoyed it and had a great time riding and having fun.

Thanks to all volunteers and organizers for making it possible. Cheers mates! 🚵‍♂👊🍻

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