Bucegi epic ride Malaesti

Bucegi mountains have a lot to offer in terms of hiking, climbing, skiing, biking, and a lot more. Each year we schedule some rides here and is great when we discover new trails that are simply perfect for mountain biking. This time we tried a new one that reward us with flow and view. It’s the trail that descents from Scara peak near Omu to the cross above Malaesti hut and passes Tiganest mountain refugee and Tiganest lakes. It is a trail whit a kind of technical access, almost via ferata :)) but once you put yourself on the bike you are immediately possessed by the trails and the flow it has. the view is epic, and I think this part of Bucegi mountains is the most beautiful one.
The sections from the cross to Malaesti hut it’s to steep and not so clean so it’s a hike a bike sections but from Malaesti down, a new trail awaits you, technical at the start but flowy at the bottom.
The trails are on trail forks so check them out. The track of our ride its here on Garmin connect. It’s one of those rides that we will probably take each year, along with Tiganest descent or Strunga descent. These 3 are our top 3 trails in Bucegi mountains. Enjoy and ride safe!

5 thoughts on “Bucegi epic ride Malaesti

  1. sebastian

    Hi Guys, this trail looks great! Would you happen to have a track (or maybe strava activity link?) and could you send me it via email? I’d love to come back to Romania with mtb once the covid19 becomes outdated in 2021;)

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      1. Bogdan Vlad Post author

        in brasov there are lots of trail on a small reagion but not only one.
        There are lots of trails near Resita/semenic and also around Drobeta turnu severin and baile herculane there are lots of trails. It depends of what type of riding you want. if youre looking for shuttle, yes, brasov is better, but if you dont mint pedal to reach a great trail, then you should look in other places to. contact me when you prepare to come and ill give you some hints. Thanks!


      2. sebastian

        Superb! Thank you for your indications, I will check them during cold winter evenings with some maps 😉 Romania has got a huge “mountainous” potential it’s just 10 hours from Krakow/Poland. And I do like pedaling, long epic rides, wilderness, high wild passes and peaks, but also some shuttle riding as well 😉

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