Bârcaciu Skitouring VRR Edition

This was the first VRR edition of ski touring days at Bârcaciu hut in Făgăraș mountains and it was a blast of a trip. As winters become more and more capricious, we struggle to find ways to enjoy the poor snow that we get. This year looks like you can find winter only above 1400-1500m altitude so you have to put some effort into it. But the effort will be reworded if you are in the right spot and with the right crew.

I’m glad I have these friends to share great memories with, and places like this where I feel right at home.

Bârcaciu refugee is one of those places where I return happily because I know I will have a great time… and a great meal 😆.

The area has a lot to offer in terms of ski touring, bike riding or hiking and this part of Făgăraș mountains gets more snow then the rest of it.

Mihai Petre, the man in charge of the hut made quite some efforts to develop ski touring and biking in the area. The trails are well marked and clean and the hut is in good shape thanks to him and the help he got from GLS Romania :D.

I think we are not done yet and we will take another run this year because winter is still here!

Thanks Mihai and Bârcaciu hut in Făgăraș mountains for the great times!

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