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Is there a bike to rule them all?!

What’s the perfect bike you should own?! or is there a bike to rule them all?

This article comes a bit in addition to the information you get from the last article about the bike ride language you take on the ride.

It’s a good question that I try to answare myself a lot lately. To be honest with you, I haven’t figure it out yet, it depends a lot of what type of rides you like to take usually and what’s the amount of riding you really do. For me it’s a bit clearer that judging from the last tow years perspectiv, owning 1 bike it’s not enough, because I get to ride every weekend in different conditions.

I start enjoying a good enduro contest once a month, or some quick rides in the bike park or on some local trails that we know, but I also enjoy longer day rides with lots of elevation and exploring or even epic rides that exceed 2 days lengths.

In my perspective, yes, you can have a bike that makes a good compromise but if you want the best in each ride, you might consider to have dedicated bikes for different purposes. If you can afford in terms of budget, specs or deposit them, and also if you can find the time to hump, excuse me, ride them all, than here are my choices for the personal bike fleet:

One hard tail for street and urban riding between weekends and skill boost 😉

I for one like a good between weekends evening run on the street or in the local parc that has some short lines just to help you remember the moves and the enduro rig its an overkill for this. Also, owning a hard tail has clarified one thing, A hard tail doesn’t forgives you when you make mistakes but rewards you when you do thing the proper way.

One full suspension trail oriented for those longer harder masochistic days or trips that gets you motivated for a month or more, not only for a day or a week.

I also like a good all mountain ride, that’s how I start riding, on xc hard tail bike only to discover the beast inside when moving to a full suspension. An super enduro bike is overkill for this kind of ride, I tried to take the 16 kg aggressive nukeproof on multi day rides and yes, its rewarding on descents but man, its hard work to reach the peaks on it… lately, its hard work on any bike but let me lie to myself that the bike is to blame :))

One super enduro beast that can handle dh tracks or gnarly enduro trails and give you a run for you’re money.

I also like to have a rig that pushes me to the edge and shows me that she can and I can not and that it’s my nuke of a proof bike at this point.

Yes, it may be a bit over the budget but as i said, it must be a personal choice based on the amount of riding and the habits you have.

This is my opinion based on the present facts but things change very quickly in this dynamic present that we live in… One thought dow, if I was to live near a mountain, probably an electric bike would be included 😉

As geometry changes and electric bikes get more supple, this choices of mine wold have to suffer also but at this point this above are my thoughts.

You can also find additional information about the bikes you may consider of owning in the article Enduro bike ideal for adventure from freerider.ro or in this brand new article form dirtbike.ro that is very concludent about how to chose a starting point 😉 10 sfaturi de achiziție realiste pentru începători.

Bellow you can find some clips from different rides I took on different bikes, rides that I find relevant for the content of this article.

Enjoy and ride safe!