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Is there a bike to rule them all?!

What’s the perfect bike you should own?! or is there a bike to rule them all?

This article comes a bit in addition to the information you get from the last article about the bike ride language you take on the ride.

It’s a good question that I try to answare myself a lot lately. To be honest with you, I haven’t figure it out yet, it depends a lot of what type of rides you like to take usually and what’s the amount of riding you really do. For me it’s a bit clearer that judging from the last tow years perspectiv, owning 1 bike it’s not enough, because I get to ride every weekend in different conditions.

I start enjoying a good enduro contest once a month, or some quick rides in the bike park or on some local trails that we know, but I also enjoy longer day rides with lots of elevation and exploring or even epic rides that exceed 2 days lengths.

In my perspective, yes, you can have a bike that makes a good compromise but if you want the best in each ride, you might consider to have dedicated bikes for different purposes. If you can afford in terms of budget, specs or deposit them, and also if you can find the time to hump, excuse me, ride them all, than here are my choices for the personal bike fleet:

One hard tail for street and urban riding between weekends and skill boost 😉

I for one like a good between weekends evening run on the street or in the local parc that has some short lines just to help you remember the moves and the enduro rig its an overkill for this. Also, owning a hard tail has clarified one thing, A hard tail doesn’t forgives you when you make mistakes but rewards you when you do thing the proper way.

One full suspension trail oriented for those longer harder masochistic days or trips that gets you motivated for a month or more, not only for a day or a week.

I also like a good all mountain ride, that’s how I start riding, on xc hard tail bike only to discover the beast inside when moving to a full suspension. An super enduro bike is overkill for this kind of ride, I tried to take the 16 kg aggressive nukeproof on multi day rides and yes, its rewarding on descents but man, its hard work to reach the peaks on it… lately, its hard work on any bike but let me lie to myself that the bike is to blame :))

One super enduro beast that can handle dh tracks or gnarly enduro trails and give you a run for you’re money.

I also like to have a rig that pushes me to the edge and shows me that she can and I can not and that it’s my nuke of a proof bike at this point.

Yes, it may be a bit over the budget but as i said, it must be a personal choice based on the amount of riding and the habits you have.

This is my opinion based on the present facts but things change very quickly in this dynamic present that we live in… One thought dow, if I was to live near a mountain, probably an electric bike would be included 😉

As geometry changes and electric bikes get more supple, this choices of mine wold have to suffer also but at this point this above are my thoughts.

You can also find additional information about the bikes you may consider of owning in the article Enduro bike ideal for adventure from freerider.ro or in this brand new article form dirtbike.ro that is very concludent about how to chose a starting point 😉 10 sfaturi de achiziție realiste pentru începători.

Bellow you can find some clips from different rides I took on different bikes, rides that I find relevant for the content of this article.

Enjoy and ride safe!

Star Wars on Bahna trails

I had some unfinished businesses in the south, one free weekend and decided to go back again. The weather was very unpredictable, lot of rain all over the country, but as I always say, any weekend away from Bucharest riding my bike is a great weekend.

With this in mind, I loaded my stuff and my battle horse in the car again and headed south. First day I rode the usual trails of Mehedinti Enduro and meet Pufi on the trails. He was on a shovel day as his bike was in service. After a couple of rides, Eugen Kable came and we took another two rides and then call it a day.

In the evening and the next day in the morning I got to explore more the city center of Drobeta Turnu Severin. Man, this city has some good to great concrete, just perfect for some street sessions. I had my roller blades with me but I was just too tired. I have to come back another time to explore more the streets of Turnu Severin.

Second day I headed of with Eugen to Bahna trails, you can look them up on trail forks. What a pleasant surprise! The trails here are so different, so diverse and these ones are just a MTB gem. Technical stuff with some insane view over Bahna village. You have to look up the trails on trail forks, you have a description there, but let me ensure you they are freaking awesome. There are 4 trails, 3 with some black sections and one more of a blue one but don’t underestimate her because she has some nice curves that will make you howl like a wolf 😆😍. You can combine the trails in the area for a couple of days ride and you will have a great vacation. Have in mind that the access is by pushbike or pedal so don’t except any shortcuts… earn your turns!

Here is the link to Bahna trails and bellow you can find some movies with each trail. Enjoy and ride safe!

Post lockdown ride in Leaota Mountains


Yes, we really deserved this ride. Please don’t be scared of the number of people in the picture, yes, we did know that we will meet but we were separated groups of 3 persons or less that met there and happened to take the same ride in Leaota mountains, so don’t judge.

It was a well deserved ride, hard, but we enjoyed it very much. Leaota mountains are quite underestimated. They hold a bunch of awesome trails, hard to access because you have to pedal your way up but, let me confirm that you will not regret the climb of a few hours.

The terrain is wild, natural, technical and offers a great view over the horizon and the other mountains in proximity like Bucegi, Iezer or Piatra Craiului.

Only the view is enough for rewording the climb, but if you consider the trails, clearly you are the winner.

Not long after the start we kind of forgot the harsh past 2 months and we gave ourselves to the ride, enjoyed it and made laughs of our rusty bodies …. this is truly a medicine for the heart, mountains are beautiful and bikes are awesome

Until next time, enjoy and ride safe, we sure will!

Link to garmin connect for the ride track here!


This one is from far back, I think 2 years back. An awesome trip near Sopot and Botev peak, in central Balkans, all thanks to our friends from Old Mountain Epic. It was the most hard core ride I have taken so far, an all day out trip! Our neighbors’ country is beautiful and we have to explore it more. A beautiful ride with a beautiful crew. You can find out more content about this trip in this article we wrote in the past: Old Mountain Epic trip in Veliko Tarnovo and Sopot, or more about Veliko Tarnovo and Old Mountain Epic in the article about our Halloween ride 🙂 VELIKO TARNOVO HALLOWEEN BIKERIDE PARTY

Cheers mates! Stay safe! 

Ciucaș Enduro 2019, awesome friendly contest

Last year in August, Ciucaș Enduro was revived in a new, not so competitive but pretty awesome form.

It was a friendly enduro contest, something more like a gathering, in which riders treated the so called contest as they wished. Some of them really battled but most of the riders present were only there to ride the trails with their friends and to somehow have a taste of how an enduro contest is held.

It’s a good thing because people get to see how an enduro mtb contest is like but have way more fun. Not everybody is prepared for racing enduro and this way you get a casual intro into riding enduro.

Besides this, you get some cleaned trails, music, food, great beer and lots of fun with your mates or get to know new people from the community.

Hope the contest will be held next year too, because we really enjoyed it and had a great time riding and having fun.

Thanks to all volunteers and organizers for making it possible. Cheers mates! 🚵‍♂👊🍻


Sorry for the late post, but only now I found the time to do this 😅

I have some videos from this season that I am going to process, probably during the winter, most of them from Enduro stages that happened this year.

Now is the time for Metal Enduro RAW lines. It is fun to see how some of the top 10 riders in RO treated the technical parts of the tracks, a real joy to watch.

Until next video, enjoy and ride safe because the season is not over yet 🤙. Check the youtube channel for videos of metal enduro special stages, all 8 of them 😁

Yeah, and with my thanks to the friends from Bike Attack Reșița for this wonderful enduro season! 🚵‍♂🥇🏆👊


This year is the first edition of Mehedinti enduro, courtesy of Alexandru Pufan aka The Pufalot who has worked his ass off for us to have an awesome contest on the 12th of May here in Topolniței Valley, Mehedinți county.

Yep, this guy has shaped some awesome trails here and took the time to show us around. It is the second time coming here and we had the same feeling, being amazed of what this place has to offer.

The contest itself has around 27.5 km with and elevation of 1350m and 5 downhill stages varying between 1 and 2 km long. Here’s a description of them made by The Pufalot, on which we agree 👊.

The 5 specials from Enduro’s first Mehedinți edition are located on the Topolnița Valley, a diverse area geographically, making the trails quite different from each other.

The first trail, La Muerte Peluda, is the rockiest and the longest (and the most difficult to reach, with a transfer of nearly 7km), with several exposed and inadequate areas. Completely natural, this is in fact an old touristic trail brought back to life with the occasion of the contest.

On the other hand, the second special PS2, Imagination land, will be the shortest but most interesting. It will pass through the ruins of a fortress and will descend along a natural carousel, so that in the end it will pass through a rocky and open area.

The following two, PS3 and PS4 have the same starting point, being constructed from scratch over the past 3 years. Much easier from a technical point of view, they will probably please those who prefer more of a bike park type of trail with lots of berms and jumps.

PS3, Stevie Nicks will actually be a berm skill test for the riders, having a dozen of berms, while the next one, PS4, Blame Canada, will show us who is best in the air, building the biggest gap in the competition. And yes, this guy’s a South Park die hard fan 🤣🤟.

The last trail, Taming Strange, completed this month, is actually a combination of everything we’ve ever met. Technical areas alternate with flow paths, including very tight switchbacks, straight-forward portions, drops and gaps, on unforeseeable terrain 😳.

Hope these words made you an image of what to expect, and if not check up this edit that we made from our first day of riding here.

Second day we took a short trip to Herculane baths to check up some sick exposed trails that we will be uploading soon on youtube. Besides this we will upload all 5 contest trails in the next days so stay tuned on VRR youtube channel 🤙.

Also, you can find the complete map of the contest here: MEHEDINTI ENDURO ON TRAILFORKS! 🚵‍♂

Yes, it was a sick weekend and all we have to say is that we can hardly wait for the contest and to come back here to check out more trails. For sure in autumn we plan another trip here, there are so much more trails to be ridden.

This guy is actually shaping the south of this country! Cheers mate! 🍻

P.S.: Remember 12 mai 2019 – Valea Topolnitei.  Photo credits: Alexandru Pufan.

You can also check out this article about Mehedinti county: MEHEDINTI FTW